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Product 1 picture-December 2010
Color Zoom Inspection Camera
The reduced-size Surveyor-SD includes a hand-held remote control option. The included remote control has the capability to select and fine-tune the long-line amplifier; control zoom, focus and iris; and select the light source (LED or halogen), all without opening the unit. Bowtech Products Ltd.
Product 2 picture-December 2010
Acoustic Sound Velocity Meter
Digibar S features untethered sound velocity casting to allow for deep sound-speed profiling. Immediately before the unit is deployed, a system of flashing LEDs confirms battery status, pressure-sensor status and overall probe operation. Teledyne Odom Hydrographic Inc.
Product 3 picture-December 2010
Oil-in-Water Detection System
The new towed MiniBAT allows detection of hydrocarbons in water at either fixed depth or undulating patterns down to 60-m depth. The system uses the new YSI Inc. Oil-in-Water Sensor Adapter kit to plug the Turner Designs Hydrocarbon Instruments Inc. sensor directly into an optical port on a YSI 6-Series sonde. Ocean Scientific International Ltd.

Azimuthing Thruster Monitor
ThrusterSCAN monitoring units are comprised of a touch screen machine interface, metallic particle sensor, oil-condition sensor, moisture sensor, oil-temperature sensor and sampling pump. A central control room touch screen display provides an overview of the condition of all thrusters. Kittiwake Developments Ltd.

SDS Performance and Training System
SonarBell™ Performance and Training System (SPATS) enables SDS operators to determine the real performance of their sonar. SPATS also enables operator online training to be conducted with a small boat; a towed SonarBell may be used to provide a representative (diver-like) underwater target to exercise target recognition or tracking systems without using divers. Subsea Asset Location Technologies Ltd.

Compact Hydraulic Cylinders
With three bore sizes ranging from 10 to 25 mm and piston rod diameters of 6 to 16 mm, the aluminum 14,000 cylinder series works at a standard nominal working pressure of 210 bar. All sizes are available with varying stroke lengths and three industry-standard mounting options: the rear eye mount, the nose thread mount and the front flange mount. Hydro-Lek Ltd.

Piezoresistive Pressure Transducer
Offered in 15, 50 and 100 psig with 225 mV full-scale output, the Endevco® model 8510C has a 3.86-mm-diameter face and 2.3 g package. Meggitt Sensing Systems.

Servo Inclinometers
The T935 series consists of fully self-contained, gravity-referenced units available in ranges from ±1° to ±90° with resolutions down to 0.1 arcsec. The sensors are able to withstand 1,500 g of mechanical shock with an operable temperature range of 0° F to 160° F. Sherborne Sensors.

High-Temperature Pressure Sensors
Directly mounted to a gas turbine's combustor, the Series 176 sensors provide combustion dynamics data monitoring. Designed for extreme heat environments (530° C), these sensors have sensitivities up to 17 pC/psi and ranges from 20 psi dynamic to 400 psi static. IMI Sensors.

Portable Refrigerant Leak Detector
TP-9360 PRO-Alert™ detects refrigerant leaks down to 7 g per year. It has dual-sensitivity controls—a high-sensitivity setting when initially checking the general leak area and a low-sensitivity setting to locate the exact leak site. It has a 43-cm-long flexible metal probe that easily slithers into tight spots and holds its position for inspection. Tracer Products.

Piezoelectric Force Sensor
With a dynamic range of 0 to 700 kN, the Type 9393A sensor is designed to measure both dynamic and quasi-static forces for joining press and test-equipment-monitoring applications. The sensor is offered in calibrated measurement ranges of 0 to 100 percent, 0 to 10 percent and 0 to 1 percent. It has a diameter of 145 mm and a height of 190 mm with flange connections on both ends. Kistler North America.

Satellite Access Controller
This system simplifies switching between VSAT, Iridium OpenPort or Inmarsat FleetBroadband systems. It is available with four or eight ports to enable connection to the vessel's network. The eight-port model is available as a compact shelf, wall-mounted unit or as a standard 19-in. 1U rack. Marlink.

Compass Calibration Solution
The LR-1 and WH-1 models are portable, nonmagnetic calibration stands with leveling technology and turntables, assuring a stable base for rotation. The resulting hard and soft-iron compass calibration for ADCPs offers im'proved overall standard deviation for the desired minimum error factors (less than 1°). Calib Designs.

Autonomous Echosounder
DT-X SUB is a scientific echosounder with data storage and power systems integrated into a compact waterproof housing, enabling it to operate autonomously on the seafloor for long-term observation. BioSonics Inc.

Night-Vision Binocular
The handheld Titan Binocular can see through glass and isinglass, allowing use without heading onto the deck. Unlike traditional low-light cameras, the Titan's IR Illuminator uses an IR frequency that enables the low-light image of an object up to 1,640 ft. away to be discernible in total darkness. OceanView Technologies.

Geospatial Software
Spatial Fusion Enterprise version 5.3 features the new Web Map Tile Service OGC® standard. It allows multiple layers from data sources to be grouped into a single layer prior to being drawn so the client application only needs to request one draw for each tile. CARIS.

Boat Monitoring Device
SPOT HUG monitors a boat's position and detects unauthorized movement, automatically alerting an asset monitoring center with its GPS coordinates. SPOT HUG is also equipped with sensor alert capabilities and features for sending messages via satellite to other parties, including an international rescue coordination center. SPOT LLC.

Camera Controllers
This camera controller for the DiMAC ULTRALiGHT+ features solid-state data storage capability and robust system status monitoring. Built into a standard 19-in. rack, the controller is also a direct fit with the company's ALTM products. Optech Inc.

Sunlight-readable and multifunctional Genesis Series Displays are built to IP67 waterproof standards and feature bonded glass, deep dimming, scalable resolution up to SXGA and a slim case design. Nauticomp Inc.

Dual-Frequency GNSS Receiver
R320 is the first GNSS receiver built on the new Eclipse II OEM board. It tracks GPS L1/L2, GLONASS L1/L2, SBAS augmentation signals and OmniSTAR HP/XP/VBS and can log raw data to a removable USB flash drive for post-processing. Hemisphere GPS.



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