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Product 1 picture-October 2010
Cell Analysis System
The PhytoCyt™ Flow Cytometer includes blue and red lasers, two scatter detectors and four fluorescence detectors. Optics and lasers are optimized to detect endogenous fluorophores common to phytoplankton, including phycoerythrin, chlorophyll and phycocyanins. At less than 30 lbs. and with no special power requirements, the system can be deployed on board or in a laboratory. Turner Designs Inc.
Product 2 picture-October 2010
LED-Backlit Display
The MDU23 features a 23-in. UXGA display, which can provide up to 400 NITS at full brightness and has an optional touch screen. The unit, which has a machined aluminum bezel and a conformal coating on all electronics, is ECDIS and ECDIS'N compliant. Comark Corp.
Product 3 picture-October 2010
Long-Range Acoustic Flow Meter
The single-beam 600-kHz FlowScout 600 is capable of reaching a range of up to 110 m with an accuracy of up to 0.5% ± 2 mm/s and has a standard depth rating of 100 m. LinkQuest Inc.

Portable Dehumidifier
Designed for marine and hazardous locations, the XDH2000 delivers 2,000 CFM at 2.5 in. static pressure. A footprint of 2.75 by 1.16 by 2.47 m and low power requirements—60 A/480 V or 45 A/600 V—make the explosion-proof unit suitable for offshore applications. DRYCO U.S.A.

Engine Start-Up Prevention System
When armed, the Immobilizer blocks high current draw from a small boat's battery while still allowing low-power components to function normally. If a start-up is attempted, it will also sound a timed siren. Global Ocean Security Technologies.

Underwater Lifting System
DeepBuoy, a low-density liquid gel capable of buoyancy down to 3,000 m, can be used for lifting, supporting and lowering heavy subsea structures up to 2,000 metric tons. The 550 kg/cu. m gel is pumped into tear-shaped bags that attach to infrastructure needing to be moved. Aubin Ltd.

Fire Protection Electric Pump
The HI-FOG® Electric Pump Unit for Navies, which is designed to work with the company's water mist fire protection system, meets many military anti-shock and vibration requirements and can be installed with an anti-magnetic construction. The modularized system can fit through an 80 by 80 cm hatchway. Marioff Corp. Oy.

Diver Gas Reclaim Unit
Tested and approved to meet the DNV requirement of 135 LPM at 300 m, LESGAZ is designed to run with low levels of maintenance intervention. A PLC is used for finite control of the system. LexMar Engineering Pte Ltd.

HD Color Zoom Camera
The MANTIS HD provides video in true 1080i resolution for near or far underwater inspection and monitoring. The 10:1 optical zoom lens, which has an 86° diagonal field of view underwater, is depth-rated to 4,000 m and is remotely controllable through RS-485. Remote Ocean Systems Inc.

Diver Interception Tool
The Bearing and Range to Target device provides security boat crews with guidance to the position of an underwater target that is being tracked by the Sentinel intruder detection sonar system. Information is supplied to the crew through a GPRS connection via a touch screen smart phone or similar device. Sonardyne International Ltd.

Floating Dock Frames
Ultra HD Frames provide a claimed sway reduction of 70 percent over steel frames and come available in 4 by 8 ft., 4 by 10 ft., 6 by 8 ft. and 6 by 10 ft. sizes. Pier Genius Inc.

Marine-Duty Motor Brakes
MagnaShear brakes are enclosed, blocking out moisture, dirt, dust and salt. Spring-set torque ratings are available between 3 to 1,250 ft-lbs. Applications include anchor and mooring winches, draw-works, capstans, conveyors, hoists and loaders. Force Control Industries Inc.

Pipe Tracker
On land or underwater, the PT-1 tracks iron and steel pipelines, along with any other ferrous object, that comes within its detection field. The tracker uses a 3-ft. probe with an electronics box mounted on one end. Magnetic field changes are displayed on the device's visual indicator and proximity is transmitted through waterproof headphones. Depth-rated to 200 ft. JW Fishers Mfg Inc.

Portable Harbor Pilot Unit
Geod Portable Pilot Unit is an autonomous, compact and very lightweight system, held in a waterproof backpack. Navigation data are transmitted to the pilot's laptop via a wireless LAN connection. Using dedicated software, the ship's position is overlaid onto official electronic charts to display position, speed vector, heading, rate of turn and motion prediction. Cadden.

Remote Area Lighting System
The 9430SL features a 24-LED array that creates a 10° spotlight. A self-contained rechargeable battery offers up to 8 hrs. of peak 2,000-lumen brightness and 15 hrs. in 1,000-lumen mode. The LED array is mounted on a 360° swiveling telescoping mast that extends to nearly 3 ft. Pelican Products Inc.

Side Scan Sonar
Based on the 450F design, the 990F uses high-frequency 1 MHz acoustic chirped pulses with a 0.3° horizontal beam. The sonar is less than 15 in. long and uses a three-fin design, allowing transport and deployment by hand. Tritech International Ltd.

Intrinsically Safe Pressure Transmitter
This new range of silicon-on-sapphire pressure sensor transmitters is ATEX-approved to EEXIA IIC T4 standards by SIRA. The range includes absolute, differential, submersible, high-pressure, high-accuracy, hygienic and oil-and-gas transmitters. ESI Technology Ltd.

Three-Axis Gyro Stabilizer
The triple-axis DSP4800 roll fin stabilizer system features a high-speed triple-axis gyro system that uses a powerful digital processor and proprietary programming to combine multiple system capabilities. The unit's software memorizes and monitors a vessel's individual roll characteristics, enhancing roll correction. The gyro system is controlled using a digital keypad. WESMAR.

Rotary Cable Splitting Tool
The RS-101B auto-clamping Roto-Split automatically adjusts to the diameter of AC/MC cable without the need to adjust thumbscrews or levers. The tool works with any cable from 14-2 to 10-4 or 3/8 in. flex. A new feature on the tool prevents applying too much force to aluminum casings. Blade penetration is set at the factory to prevent nicking of wires in standard size AC/MC cable. Seatek Co. Inc.

Mobile Computer
The E2000 rugged industrial computer now ships with Stay-Linked Ready™ thin-client software preinstalled. The E2000 runs the full version of Windows CE 6.0 and is engineered to withstand extreme vibration, shock and moisture. Glacier Computer.



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