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Product 1 picture-August 2010
Deepwater Hybrid Capacitor
Tested to withstand more than 10,000 psi, the Hybrid® tantalum-cased capacitors feature standard voltage ratings of 10 V to 125 V in a wide range of capacitance values. High energy density and high power allow for both energy storage and pulse power applications. They are available with threaded studs welded directly to the case for secure mounting. Evans Capacitor Co.
Product 2 picture-August 2010
The Endevco® model 2271A series is designed for an operating temperature range of -269° C to 260° C with unusually flat temperature response, and units exhibit shock survivability to 10,000 g pk. The piezoelectric sensing elements of the series are housed in a corrosion-resistant stainless steel case, which is hermetically sealed for use in demanding environments. Meggitt Sensing Systems.
Product 3 picture-August 2010
Underwater Dry-Mate Connectors
The 66 Series of reverse-gender connectors enables power to be applied to the bulkhead connector and incorporates shorter locking sleeves. Other key features include heavy-duty stub acme threads and available pressure-rated blanking caps. The series is currently available in two shell sizes: 16 and 20 with two configurations (8#16*/13#16). SEACON (europe) Ltd.

Weatherproof Servo Inclinometers
Available in ranges from ±3° to ±90° and able to withstand up to 1,500 g of mechanical shock, the LSW series is offered with resolution down to 0.2 arcsec and with ±5 V DC full range output. The sensing elements are housed in an environmentally sealed case weatherproof to IP67 (NEMA 6). Units are designed to operate over a temperature range of -18° C to 70° C. Sherborne Sensors.

Connector for PBOF Assemblies
This new connector for use in PBOF assemblies has three unique features: the connector shell is the full diameter of the connector body, there is a knurling under the hose clamp area preventing rotation relative to the cable and it has color-coded leads. AK Industries.

IMO Type-Approved LCD Displays
Centric displays feature multiple inputs allowing access to all sources (DVI, VGA, NTSC/PAL and S-Video) with complete redundancy. They also offer deep dimming (0 to 100 percent) and picture-in-picture capability. Available in 15, 19, 21.3 and 23.1-in. sizes with AC or DC power supply. Nauticomp Inc.

3D Sub-Bottom Profiler
BakhtarRadar, a technology that can create 3D images of objects in the sub-seabed integrated with GPS location information, is now available for civil marine applications. Depth of penetration is up to 300 ft. of water and seabed. Bakhtar Associates. For further information, please contact dsteinman@bausa.org.

Fast Response Oxygen Sensor
RINKO-II is the new serial output model of the RINKO dissolved oxygen sensor. It processes the measured data internally and outputs dissolved oxygen measurements in percent saturation and temperature via a serial port (RS-232 or RS-485) in real time. Two versions are available: oxygen and temperature or oxygen, temperature and depth. JFE Advantech Co. Ltd.

Electric Marine Cleaning System
A new series of CaviBlasters is now available in electrically powered 50 Hz and 60 Hz models. All current topside CaviBlasters (models 1222, 1620, 2022 and 2040) will be available with three-phase electric motors and in different voltages. CaviDyne LLC.

Marking and Tracking Buoy
The AIS drifter buoy 4950A is designed to be dropped near a detected oil spill or other floating object to mark and track its drift. Using a VHF-based AIS system, it can be seen by all ships in the coverage area. The buoy is proven to work in wave heights of 10 meters, and it can be launched from a height of 50 meters. Aanderaa Data Instruments AS.

Real-Time Buoy System
The Coast Watcher environmental monitoring buoy system is small enough to be deployed from a small boat but able to withstand open-ocean conditions. The completely self-contained, turnkey buoy uses Wi-Fi to send data to shore. Down East Instrumentation LLC.

Man-Overboard Indicator
ORCA TX'103IS is a UL913 Intrinsic-ally Safe Apparatus for use in Class I, II & III, Division I, Hazardous (Classified) locations. The transmitter broadcasts relative bearing and identification in-formation to all ORCA receivers within a range of up to 18 M. BriarTek Inc.

Bathymetry Data Management System
Bathy DataBASE 3.0 now supports USGS grid format data and allows its bathymetry to be easily exported to KMZ for display in Google Earth. This latest release also allows topographic DEMs to be seamlessly combined and managed with bathymetric surfaces and sees the first phase of utilizing a third-party RDBMS. CARIS.

Compact Imaging Light
The Sola 600 features 679 lumens of light for 75 minutes and delivers 225 lumens of red light for close-up work at night. As a video light, the custom reflectors provide an even 75' beam. Pressure tested and factory sealed, the Sola never needs to be opened. It recharges in 2.5 hours and features a charge status indicator to help the diver manage the battery life across multiple dives. Light & Motion.

Acoustic Cameras
Specifically designed for ROV integration, UDP900-90 and DP900-90 include ProViewer™ software with standard Ethernet interface. The compact acoustic cameras feature low power requirements. BlueView Technologies Inc.

HMI Solution
The iX panel range and software covers the gap between proprietary operator panels and SCADA solutions. The iX software is available in developer and runtime packages in versions for 250, 2,000 and 4,000 external tags, as well as an upgrade version regardless of tag size. The software is supported by the company's next-generation operator panels and industrial PCs—the iX Panel, the iX Panel Pro and the iX Panel Pro Nautic. Beijer Electronics Inc.

3D Chart System
This software system combines vector chart navigation and fishery plotting with seafloor mapping and visualization. The system ties vector chart data, seafloor data, plotter objects and radar targets together into a single display. Olex AS.

Motion Sensors
Every motion sensor in the IMU range is individually calibrated and tested for roll, pitch and heave, as well as all directions of acceleration, inside a calibration machine with a controlled temperature environment between 0° C and 65° C. Ship Motion Control.

Compact GNSS OEM Board
The MB 100 RTK-capable board is designed to address L1 GPS+SBAS standard applications, L1/L2 GPS+SBAS and L1 GPS/GLONASS + SBAS applications in a form factor measuring 58 mm by 56 mm by 11 mm and using less than 0.8 W of power. Ashtech®.



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