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Product 1 picture-June 2010
Deepwater Pressure Switch
Model 2406-100 is submersible to 20,000 feet and magnetically actuated, uses only two wires, has no electric power consumption and is supplied with underwater connectors. Constructed of 316L stainless steel, it is 1.1 in. in diameter by 5.7 in. in length and weighs 19 oz. The switch meets IPX8 of IEC 529. Hydracon Co. Inc.
Product 2 picture-June 2010
Automatic Evacuation System
Lightweight and compact, the MiniChute system features a DNV-approved evacuation capacity of 306 people within 17 minutes and 40 seconds, with two 153-person open life rafts ready-installed on the chute. A slip hook pull releases and operates the system, enabling it to be remotely released by one crew member. VIKING LifeSaving Equipment A/S.
Hydraulic Flange Pulling System
Designed for high pulling force, each FPS cylinder can pull with a force up to 259 kN, and up to 4 cylinders can be used together to achieve a total pulling force of 1,036 kN. Tentec Ltd.

Subsea Power Converter
This converter provides up to 1,100 W of power with an adjustable, tightly regulated 24 VDC output, and it is optimized so that seawater can be used as the input return path. It operates with convection cooling over a temperature range of -20° C to 75° C. Schaefer Inc.

Small-Footprint Crystal Oscillator
The T107A temperature-compensated, voltage-controllable crystal oscillator measures 2.5 by 2 mm and has stabilities as tight as ±0.5 ppm. The miniature T107A package is configured for high-density surface mount designs, as well as automated assembly. Bliley Technologies Inc.

Blade Servers
CoolShell™ technology-based blade servers are designed to operate in demanding environments. Housing commercial computing resources in a standards-based, purpose-built enclosure, the CoolShell provides resilience with superior thermal and kinetic management, accommodating shock and events up to 30 G at 20 ms without external isolation. Themis Computer.

Lidar Mapping Suite
OLMS V1.0 enables users to maximize lidar accuracies over large project areas in a production environment. Incorporating batch-mode processing capability, the software package automates production processing of multimission data collections and includes multithreaded and distributed processing capabilities. Optech Inc.

Temperature Sensing System
Designed for use in harsh environments, the Sensornet Oryx-XR DTS system is an enhanced version of the original Oryx system launched in 2009. The upgraded model has an extended sensing range, increased from 4 km to 12 km, and a measurement performance that can provide a temperature resolution as fine as 0.010' C. The device provides temperature samples every meter along a fiber with a temperature range between -50° C and 650° C. Tendeka B.V.

Online Import/Export Database
iPIERS, an online service providing access to global waterborne import and export data, has been upgraded to include an improved wizard feature that gives clients a real-time record count while choosing search parameters, more search fields and report options, and dynamic reference tables. The service also offers new capabilities to review, rearrange, manipulate and refine search results on-screen before downloading the data as a spreadsheet-compatible file. PIERS Global Intelligence Solutions.

Data Acquisition Loggers
LGR-5320 devices perform measurements up to 200 kS/s directly to an SD memory card for users to collect data without dedicating a PC. DAQLog™ software to configure the devices and retrieve data is included, along with a 4 GB SD memory card. The device accepts up to 32 GB SD memory for collecting up to 16 billion measurements. Measurement Computing Corp.

High-Speed, Wireless Data Link
ADL Sentry is a 0.1 to 4 W high-speed data radio modem for remote sensing and environmental monitoring that resists impacts and electromagnetic interference. With an IP67 rating, it is completely sealed against dust and can survive immersion in up to a meter of water for approximately 30 minutes. It is available in two 40-MHz frequency bands (390 to 430 and 430 to 470 MHz). Pacific Crest Corp.

Portable Rugged PC
The 4823CX series is equipped with a 15-in. LED-backlit LCD glass-on-glass resistive touch screen and can endure extreme temperatures. It weighs 20 lbs, making it relatively lightweight compared to other ruggedized PCs. Daisy Data Displays Inc.

Freightliner Shore Power System
The new Freight Shore Power system is based on the company's Cruise Ship Shore Power technology, which allows ships to enter ports, plug in to the electrical grid and turn off their diesel engines without losing power. The system monitors and self-adjusts to ensure that the voltage being delivered to the ship is consistent, and it is also able to monitor power consumption while the ship is plugged in. Cochran Marine.

Short Burst Data Transceiver
The 9602™ two-way device is designed to be embedded into partner-developed products and systems that enable remote M2M asset tracking and monitoring. It is lower cost, smaller and lighter than the company's previous model, the 9601™. Iridium Communications Inc.

Design and Fabrication Software
The latest version of SmartMarine® 3D has expanded automation capabilities. Graphical programming capabilities enable the efficient definition of complex elements and structures based on engineering, construction and manufacturing rules. Once defined, the geometric constructions can be applied to other similar situations in the model. Intergraph Corp.

Inertial Measurement Unit
The CG-5100 integrates fiber optic gyros and MEMS accelerometers within a compact enclosure and features precision position, velocity and attitude sensing capabilities. KVH Industries Inc.

Explosion-Protected Camera Station
The COEX 3000 is designed for use in adverse area applications. Its features include a compact and lightweight 316L stainless steel enclosure, advanced speed control and continuous rotation. Synectic Systems Inc.

LED Strip Lamps
Multipurpose LED strip lamps run cool and have a current draw of less than 2 W each. Available in 12 or 24-V DC versions, the lamps have no bulbs to change or break and are shock and vibration-resistant. They come prewired with 8.2 ft. of marine cable. Hella Marine Inc.

Wireless Safety Valve System
FlowCAT™ can be retrofitted into a well using conventional slickline intervention equipment and procedures and requires no modifications to, or recertification of, the wellhead components. Expro.



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