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The FOII, Diavolo and Commander HPUs have high-power thrusters, stainless steel components and three-phased electric motors. The basic systems can be adapted to meet customers' needs. Mariscope Meerestechnik.

Shipping Cases
Both the 1740 and 1770 Long Cases feature an open cell core, polymer wall construction, wide-track polyurethane wheels and two double-wide handles. The 1740 features more than 6,600 cu. in. of storage space, and the 1770 provides 7,300. Pelican Products Inc.

This VSAT antenna has Ku-band 14 GHz (uplink) and 12 GHz (downlink) operating frequencies and brings ship-to-shore communication of up to 1 Mbps around the world via GEO satellites. Furuno Electric Co. Ltd.

ROV Power/Telemetry Interface Unit
The P/N 975-6001000 provides a single-point interface between multiple 1171 series sonar heads and ROV power and telemetry systems. It uses one ROV Ethernet telemetry channel to control the power status and operation of as many as six 1171 series devices, and the interface unit is configured using the MS1000 software processor. Kongsberg Mesotech Ltd.

Imaging and Analysis System
The FlowCAM® XPL Birefringence imaging and analysis system detects and documents the presence of invasive mussels with cross-polarizing filters that reveal mussel cells at the larval veliger stage to permit treatment before entrenchment. Fluid Imaging Technologies Inc.

Camera Package
The Ocean ProHD is a 4,000-m HD camera designed small enough to fit into the restricted space of a work-class ROV. It features a domed glass port to deliver wide-angle images at 1080i in a 16:9 format. A fiber optics transmitter/converter connects with the camera to deliver an HD-SDI signal to the surface control unit for display on an LCD HD video monitor. Deep Sea Systems International Inc.

Surveillance Camera
The ultralow-light Daylight AV Dome Camera incorporates 580 TV lines, a 2.8 to 11-mm varifocal lens and second-generation 3D digital noise reduction and is sealed to military specifications. Paradox Marine.

Side Scan Sonar System
The 4125-P is a high-frequency side scan sonar system for search and recovery and small target identification. Available in 400/900 kHz or 400/1,250 kHz dual frequency towfish, the system is one-man deployable and needs a 12 to 24 VDC power source. EdgeTech.

Multibeam Imaging Sonar
The next generation of Gemini 720i combines long-range detection with high-definition imaging techniques and can be deployed on most ROV and AUV platforms. Weighing 1.2 kg in the water, it has a curved transmit transducer array. Tritech International Ltd.

The Seaeye Panther-XT Plus is a light work ROV with an operational depth of 1,500 msw, 150-kg payload and Schilling Orion 7P and 4R manipulators. Saab Seaeye Ltd.

Solid State Gyrocompass
The SGB 2000 is available with IMO Wheelmark and HSC certification and has an interface that allows connectivity to existing ship systems. The heading can be maintained during turns of up to 200 degrees per second, and the SGB 2000 is available in surface and subsea housings. Teledyne TSS Ltd.

Seafloor Mapping Software
GIS-based SonarWiz 5 has configurable windows, enhanced reporting tools and new export file options. Transparency control allows for the comparison of pre- and post-side scan sonar survey data and the blending of background charts, DTM or magnetometer data with overlaid side scan sonar mosaics. Chesapeake Technology Inc.

CTD Sensor
The Xchange' sensor has embedded calibration, meaning that the individual C-Xchange™ and T-Xchange™ sensor heads can be moved from instrument to instrument without recalibration. AML Oceanographic.

Diving Light
The Diver's Communication Torch™ is a combination of the company's patented noise maker and a Tektite LED dive light. It runs on two C-cell alkaline batteries and has a rating of 150 lumens, a depth rating of 500 ft. and a lamp life of 10,000+ hours. Moray Dive Gear™.

Radio Modem Transceiver
The 01-4.0 W ADL Vantage is built for GNSS/RTK surveying and precise positioning and utilizes ADL technology while remaining backward-compatible with existing positioning products. It is available in two 40-MHz frequency bands: 390 to 430 and 430 to 470. Pacific Crest Corp.

Attitude, Heading Reference System
The small, low-weight MTi contains accelerometers, gyroscopes and magnetometers in 3D. Its internal, low-power signal processor provides real-time, drift-free 3D orientation and calibrated acceleration, rate of turn and Earth-magnetic-field data. Xsens Technologies BV.

Dynamic Measurement System
The DMS-EGP02 provides both angular rate and acceleration outputs in analog and digital formats and features six accelerometer outputs. The serial interface is highly configurable and provides access to almost all operational parameters. The sensor is equipped with a dual GPS antenna system that provides heading data even when not in motion. Watson Industries Inc.

Integrated Survey System
The ISS-2000 supports shallow- water survey operations, such as hydrographic charting, geological mapping, scientific investigations and seafloor object location. It provides alignment calibration tools, integrated sensor suites and hydrographic planning and data collection services. It interfaces to multibeam sonars, GPS receivers, single-beam echo sounders, motion sensors, gyros and acoustic positioning systems. Science Applications International Corp.

Electro-Optical Surveillance System
The EOSS-300 is designed for shore and onboard applications such as search-and-rescue and passive target identification. It has an IR camera, a TV camera and a control unit with stabilizing software, power supply management and a driver for servomotors. GEM elettronica.

Deepwater Foam
MZ-grade syntactic foam operates to depths of up to 1,000 meters and is produced using the same technology as the U.S. Navy's submarine void-filling materials. Each block is cast as a single unit but may be cut to fit the application, with standard block sizes measuring 6 in. by 12 in. by 12 in. and 6 in. by 12 in. by 24 in. Engineered Syntactic Systems.


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