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Product 1 picture - July 2009 Issue
Wireless Boat Security System
SmartKEY, comprised of wireless 2.4-GHz Active RFID technology, has been added to the Nav-Tracker 2.0 wireless boat location and GPS tracking system. It automatically disarms the system when the vessel operator boards and rearms it when the operator disembarks. Paradox Marine.
Product 2 picture - July 2009 Issue
USBL Tracking System
Rack-mounted Easytrak Nexus determines the position of a dynamic subsea target through acoustic signals. Spread Spectrum (SS) technology allows the frequency of the transmitted signal to be varied and rejects unwanted reflected signals. It works in traditional tone-burst and SS modes. Applied Acoustic Engineering Ltd.
Product 3 picture - July 2009 Issue
Marine Searchlight
With 200,000 cp, the 233SL remote control dual-beam searchlight is mounted by a quick-release bayonet base with a security locking system and includes features such as spot-to-flood focus and 10° sweep. The rotation range is a continuous 360° with no hard stop, and the total vertical range is 27°. ITT Corp.-Jabsco®.

Sensor Assembly and Installation Tool
Subsea strain sensor assembly permits strain sensors to be installed on an underwater pipeline using an ROV. It is attached to a pipeline or riser in depths of up to 10,000 ft. and measures static and dynamic tensile and bending strain. It alerts operators if the pipe is likely to be strained or to suffer fatigue damage. BMT Scientific Marine Services Inc.

DC-Input/Sine Wave AC-Output UPS
The CGLUPS DC Input UPS provides pure sine wave battery-backed AC power from a DC input source. If the DC source is lost, the DC UPS continues using its internal batteries for approximately 5 minutes at full load, 0.8 PF. It has been tested for severe environments and applications such as UAVs. Nova Electric.

Oil and Gas Protective Wear
This line of PPE garments for the global oil and gas industry includes workwear, insulated workwear, inner layers and accessories. Many of these new garments offer flame-retardant and anti-static protection along with thermal comfort and high-visibility options. Red Wing Shoes Co.

Military-Grade Workstation
TD-R® 7X11R-S series rack-mounted workstation has no moving parts and is completely sealed. It meets or exceeds DOD specifications for shock, vibration, humidity and temperature. It can operate at up to 60° C and in environments such as naval ships or oil rigs. Intergraph Corp.

Color Zoom Camera
The SURVEYOR-100 camera uses Sony's ExView HAD™ technology with a 36 to 1 optical zoom lens, 12x digital zoom and a horizontal resolution of 530 TV lines, all within a 100-m-rated 316 stainless steel housing with a Spectrocil nonbrowning window. Bowtech Products Ltd.

Automatic Target Tracking Device
Video Tracker VTU-110 automatically tracks targets acquired by an electro-optical surveillance system. It is software based, has multiple analog video inputs, RS 232 and/or 422 interfaces and meets several MIL-STD regulations. GEM elettronica S.r.l.

Swimmer Warning Vehicle
Reusable Unambiguous Swimmer Warning Vehicle delivers a warning to swimmers without endangering them or marine life. It includes flashing LED lights, an underwater acoustic hailer and an avoidance sonar. It is also equipped with a GPS system, a digital compass and a wireless communication package. Science Applications International Corp.

Towed Sonar System
Reelable towed array sonar system leverages the technology of the U.S. Navy's TB-23 series submarine thinline towed array. It employs sensitive, passive hydrophones arranged within a small-diameter flexible hose that is towed behind a submerged submarine to detect, localize and prosecute submarines in all environments. It is towed behind the submarine's self noise. L-3 Ocean Systems.

Satellite Communications System
TracPhone® FB150 is 10.5 in. in diameter and 12 in. high, offering IP data connections up to 150 Kbps and simultaneous voice and SMS service. It uses the Inmarsat I4 satellite constellation. KVH Industries Inc.

Augmented Reality Navigation
ARVCOP is a navigation and mission support system for boats and land platforms, enabling operators to avoid underwater obstacles, view boundaries and navigate tactical lanes and routes at night or in inclement weather. The COTS package includes a waterproof computer, thermal imager, GPS, day/night camera and orientation sensor. Technology Systems Inc.

Penta-Sensor EO/IR System
The Talon is a lightweight, gyro-stabilized 9-in. turret that contains up to 5 payloads simultaneously, with SMPTE digital video for all channels. It can be used for applications including surveillance, target tracking and SAR and features thermal imaging, a daylight color CCD TV and an eye-safe laser range finder. FLIR Systems Inc.

Software and Topside Controller
SeaSAR's computer controller, software, power supplies and sonar interfaces are housed in a 20 by 17 by 8-in. case. The sonars each connect through their own waterproof connection to both the computer controller and power. Data are processed in real time. The system operates from a 12-VDC power source, and an optional 120-VAC adapter is also available. Shark Marine Technologies Inc.

Drive Motor Controller
Ten-HP variable-speed drive motor controller has an operational temperature of 0° to 50° C, operational humidity up to 95 percent (noncondensing), low input and output emissions, very low input harmonics and low output voltage transients. Beach Panel & Controls Inc.

Extreme-Cold-Certified Cable
Arctic Grade cable meets all cold bend and impact certifications required to operate down to -40° C. It is also flame retardant and resistant and comes in a broad range of availability from 250 V up to 30 kV. It has been type tested according to relevant IEC and NEK606 specifications and is DNV certified. Draka Offshore.

Drill Shoe
The DragonBITE™3 is a 'full-face' diamond drilling with casing drill shoe designed to drill PDC-drillable formations at high rates of penetration. It drills in a similar manner to a PDC drill bit, except that the casing string takes the place of the drill string and BHA, and has a two-part construction—the main body is manufactured from a proprietary drillable alloy while the bit sub portion is oilfield-grade AISI 4140/4145. Caledus Ltd.

Decision Support Tool
This latest version of the Vessel and Voyage Optimization Solution (VVOS) provides integration with the company's C-Map electronic chart database, which enables a user to perform a quick visual safe navigation check of VVOS route alternatives. Once the user has selected the VVOS operational route, he or she can export the passage plan to an ECDIS or INS. Jeppesen Marine.


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