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Three-Diver Air Control
The 8330i Series is a portable, self-contained three-commercial diver, high and low pressure air control and depth monitoring (pneumo) system designed for surface-supplied commercial diving operations. Amron International.
LED Spot or Floodlight
Offering 7,500 lumens of illumination and featuring full-range, flicker-free dimming control, from zero to max, the L300 has a 42-LED light array design that offers brilliant spot or flood illumination and long operating life. It has a depth rated of 6,000 m. ROS.
High-Speed Camera
The FASTCAM Mini AX50 provides high frame rates, extraordinary light sensitivity and superior image quality in a compact, lightweight and rugged camera design. It offers 1,024-by- 1,024-pixel resolution at up to 2,000 fps with no unprecedented light sensitivity. Photron Inc.

Utility Software Suite
Pinpoint GPS allows GIS professionals to collect data from GNSS receivers through seamless integration of their spatial data directly into ArcGIS online and other GIS database workflows. Data are easily accessible to the field workers through existing hardware such as commercial and ruggedized mobile devices. Septentrio.

Inertial Navigation Systems
The Apogee Series is the most accurate line of inertial navigation systems based on the robust and cost-effective MEMS technology. These sensors are also the smallest and lightest at this level of accuracy. High-accuracy, cost-effective and compact, the Apogee also features extreme versatility and simplicity to its many qualities. SBG Systems EMEA.

Chemical, Oil Spill Software
The Chemical Aquatic Fate and Effects Database has been designed to show how an array of chemicals, oils and dispersants can possibly interact with bodies of water and their ecosystems and could serve as a one-stop rapid response tool to aid spill responders as they work to assess the environmental effects of chemicals or oil spills. NOAA.

Explosion-Proof LED Drop Light
The EHL-LED-7W-150-EPP provides cooler operation and higher performance than standard incandescent drop lights and features a steel construction, a molded rubber bumper guard, a 10-watt LED bulb, 150 feet of SOOW cord and an explosion-proof cord cap. Larson Electronics.

Corrosion-Resistent Connector
NiCorAl M Series is designed for harsh environments, and the finish is a specially formulated nickel teflon surface treatment in anthracite gray color, developed particularly for the aluminium alloy-bodied M Series ratchet coupling range of connectors. LEMO.

Underwater LED Lights
Gen 4 12 Series LED lights have a corrosion-proof, injection-molded, patented polymer housing and are internally driven and maintainable. Available in ultra blue and brilliant white, this product is recommended for boats from 112 m (40 ft.) to 30 m (100 ft.). Aqualuma.

HD Video Management System
Ideal for capturing critical situational data and combining it with camera and sensor data, the VRD1 combines precise data with HD video camera inputs and lets airborne crews know exactly when and where video images were captured. Curtiss-Wright Corp.

Wireless Pressure Transmitter
Battery- or locally powered, the iDucer self-contained pressure transmitter with Bluetooth 4.0 wireless output is designed to connect to virtually any iPhone or iPad (Android/Windows tablet and PC versions pending.) The device can reliably measure pressure values from 0 to 1 psi through 0 to 30 K psi (70 mbar through 2,068 bar) with ±0.2% FSO standard accuracy, and optional improved ±0.1% FSO accuracy, from distances of up to 100 m. GP:50 NY Ltd.

Cavity Monitoring System
Model CMS V500 offers new and enhanced features including an integrated camera, backsight/resection capability, a thinner profile, wireless operation, an extended field of view, and an optional cart. Teledyne Optech

Underwater Metal Detector
Integration of the Ebinger 725K Underwater Metal Detector with its own navigation system. Provides the diver with a valuable underwater tool whose collected data can now be completely georeferenced to the location of the diver using it. The data are provided both graphically and audibly. Shark Marine Technologies Inc.

Near-Infrared Emitters
Designed for night vision and surveillance applications, the OD-110W GoAIAs light-emitting diodes feature a uniform optical beam with a typical peak emission wavelength of 850 nm and an optical output of 140 mW. Ideal for rugged applications such as harsh industrial environments or deployment in the field. Opto Diode Corp.

Tethered Operator Interface
MobileView gives plant and industrial personnel the freedom to take a machine’s human-machine interface with them to make real-time adjustments to out-of-view applications. Rockwell Automation.

Azimuth Thrusters
Developed to match the highest performance with the most competitive cost, the 60-tonne bollard pull Cat Propulsion Marine Thruster Azimuth (MTA) is the first model in what will become a new family of rotatable units optimized for tug operations. Caterpillar Inc.

Statutory Compliance Tool
A new application enables the calculation of hydrostatics, stability and longitudinal strength for bulk carriers, tankers and container vessels by applying the relevant rules and regulations automatically. NAPA.

Universal Sensor Transmitter
PolyTrans P320000 can automatically recognize the signal outputs of any two-, three-, and four-wire temperature, force and strain sensors, resistors, potentiometers, resistive sensors, and similar sensing technologies as well as standard thermocouple signals. Knick USA.

Self-Contained LED Lantern
SolaMax-3 is compact, efficient and is comprised of a plastic body, polycarbonate lens and scratch-resistant, tempered glass solar panels. Tideland Signal Corp.

3D Printers
Makerbot desktop-accessible printers utilize Fused Deposition Modeling technology to extrude plastic that builds layers upon layers of materials until a part is complete. Fisher Unitech, LLC.

Uncompressed Media Server
Using a single custom-engineered RAID 10 system, the marine application Wings Engine Raw is capable of delivering a constant data stream of three channels of true 4K uncompressed video content at 60 fps, plus up to 16 text and picture layers, and up to 24 uncompressed audio streams. AV Stumpfl.

High-Performance Polymer
Vesconite is an advanced, internally lubricated polymer that reliably performs in wet, dirty and corrosive environments and has a long wear life. Vesco Plastics Sales Pty Ltd.


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