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August 2015 Issue

Videotel Receives Norwegian
Maritime Authority Approval Videotel, a company of KVH Industries Inc., has received the approval of the Norwegian Maritime Authority (NMA) for its security training courses.

Videotel’s “Maritime Security Awareness,” “Designated Security Duties,” and “Shipboard Security Officer” training courses have been approved in their entirety by the NMA for meeting the standards of training, certification and watchkeeping codes.

CMRE Successfully Demonstrates Acoustic Systems
Conventional surveillance technologies cannot easily help to detect fast boats, which generally have small radar signatures and do not carry automatic identification systems. The NATO STO Centre for Maritime Research and Experimentation (CMRE) has addressed this problem, along with other partners, as part of the project “Protection of European Borders and Seas through the Intelligent Use of Surveillance.”

During the project’s term, CMRE scientists and engineers worked to design, develop and demonstrate at-sea concepts of continuous, real-time passive underwater acoustic systems for maritime surveillance.

Rolls-Royce, Fairplay Take Diesel Genset Into Operation
The Fairplay Towage shipping company launched a new harbor tug featuring diesel gensets certified to IMO Tier III in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Powered by MTU Series 4000 engines and featuring an SCR exhaust after-treatment system, these diesel gensets are some of the first gensets certified as complying with IMO Tier III emission levels, which come into force in 2016. Rolls-Royce delivered the two MTU 16V 4000 M63L main propulsion engines, each delivering 2,000 kW.

UKHO Encourages Communication With ECDIS Manufacturers
Following the announcement of updated ECDIS standards by the International Hydrographic Organization, the UKHO is encouraging all ship owners to speak to their ECDIS manufacturers to ensure a smooth, timely transition.

The most notable updated feature is the presentation library within S-52, the standard that is responsible for the portrayal of an electronic navigational chart on an ECDIS screen.

Mersey Maritime, Maritime London Discuss Cooperation Among Organizations
Mersey Maritime hosted a visit by Maritime London as part of an initiative to develop ways in which the two bodies can encourage maritime organizations to work more closely together.

Maritime London Chairman Alderman the Lord Mountevans of Chelsea and Chief Executive Doug Barrow spent the day in Liverpool, England, meeting with local maritime businesses and key business leaders. The day included a tour of Liverpool2, Peel Ports’s new £300 million deepwater container terminal at the Port of Liverpool.

GE to Supply Power Solution
GE Energy Management signed a contract with French electrical engineering company Cegelec to supply a complete static power solution for the French Navy. The solution will use GE’s advanced static frequency converter technology to provide high-conversion efficiency and a safe and reliable power transfer from the electric power grid to the French naval vessels while in port.

GE’s power solution has very low harmonics levels. This clean electricity helps avoid disturbance on the transmission line.

IMCA Publishes Annual Statistics Report
The International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) published its annual safety and environmental statistics. Drawn from 264 IMCA contractor members and based upon 798 million man-hours of work (558 million man-hours relating to offshore work), the 2014 data set shows that the overall flat-line tendency in lagging safety indicators has continued in the longer term.

The statistics also include environmental data, which was provided by 59 percent of members.

Festival Aims to Inspire Students To Pursue Maritime Careers
An interactive maritime festival was held by Seavision at Wyvern College in Hampshire, England, to help celebrate, enthuse and educate the youth of today about the maritime industry and its fundamental role.

The educational initiative aimed to spark an interest in shipping to encourage students to think about a career at sea. The curriculum focused almost entirely on maritime-related topics and STEM tasks to foster educational development.

Bibby Offshore Delivers Projects to Asia Pacific
Bibby Offshore’s Asian division, Bibby Offshore Singapore, has expanded in the Southeast Asian oil and gas sector by securing several million dollars worth of contracts in the first half of 2015.

Drawing on its international fleet of subsea support vessels and work-class ROVs, the past six months have seen the division being appointed to perform ROV pipeline inspection, remedial and project management work.

Ocean Safety Aberdeen, Richard Irvin Marine Safety Merge
Ocean Safety announced a merger with Richard Irvin Energy Solutions Marine Safety Division and its Aberdeen, Scotland, branch. This merger follows the 3Si Group’s recent acquisition of both companies, which are set to combine premises in Aberdeen to operate from a single, expanded facility. The consolidation into the new 5,000-square-foot space will facilitate the growth of the workforce, increasing sales efficiency and servicing capabilities in both the onshore and offshore maritime sector.

Verifavia Launches Shipping Verification Service
Verifavia unveiled a dedicated shipping service to coincide with the European Commission’s monitoring, reporting and verification (MRV) rules to collect emissions data. MRV Regulation 2015/757 is a first step towards cutting CO2 emissions from maritime transport. It requires operators of ships exceeding 5,000 GT to monitor and report their carbon emissions on all voyages to, from and between European Union ports starting in 2018.

Divex Recognized at Elevator Awards
The team at Divex was recognized for its innovation, the compact bailout rebreathing apparatus (COBRA), at the annual Elevator Awards. COBRA is a unique system developed by the Divex design team in Aberdeen, Scotland, to respond to an urgent safety requirement in the world’s saturation diving industry. The system provides greatly extended emergency breathing gas to stranded saturation divers in an emergency scenario.

Hydro Group Invests in Hydrostatic Pressure Vessel
Hydro Group has strengthened its portfolio with the addition of a new state-of-the-art hydrostatic pressure vessel, following a £250,000 investment. The 2.5-by-1.5-m vessel has the capacity to pressure test large cable assemblies and equipment up to 2,200 psi, simulating depths of 5,000 ft. below sea level.

Housed in the company’s Aberdeen, Scotland, headquarters, the equipment provides Hydro Group with the ability to design and pressure test complete cable assemblies built for deepwater projects.

Project Completed Using GeoROV Technology
UTEC Geomarine completed the first phase of a geotechnical site investigation in the Caspian Sea for a major oil and gas operator. The project was completed using a cost-effective, time-efficient suite of ROV-conveyed technology, comprising UTEC’s patented geoROV seabed cone penetration test (CPT) and sampling system, geoREACT suction skid and a specially developed rotary core drill. The geoROV technology is an ROV-compatible, CPT, T-bar and push sampling tool.

New Representative for EIVA
An increasing international demand for EIVA solutions has led to the signing of nine representative contracts throughout the world in the past two years. Now, Chile and Panama are included in the list of countries in which EIVA offers a local point of contact for offshore survey professionals. With the signing of a contract, the company Casco Antiguo Oceanografía was recently appointed as an EIVA representative in Chile and Panama.

Unique Group to Double Subsea, Offshore Business
Measures to double in size and global infrastructure by 2019 have been set in place by Unique Group by focusing on capital investment, acquisitions and expansion into key markets. With a current turnover in excess of $100 million, the company has restructured its worldwide organization into five new business units. The first expansion into new sectors is the launch of Unique Group’s range of products for dive support vessels.

The business has made three senior appointments to oversee the expansion in key growth areas.


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