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May 2015 Issue

JFE Engineering Corp., Tokyo, Japan, will supply 12 ballast water treatment systems to equip ships currently under construction. The BallastAce system will be installed on new lakers and will be effective in both fresh and saltwater. Fednav Ltd.

MacArtney Underwater Technology Group, Esbjerg, Denmark, has a purchase order for the second unit of a small instrumentation winch. The system is designed and optimized for use with the RSI VMP-250 vertical turbulence profiler. Rockland Scientific Inc.

SRH Marine Electronics SA, Piraeus, Greece, has been appointed as a FleetBroadband distributor and Fleet Xpress value-added reseller for the maritime market. SRH will bring L-band and Ka-band services to the shipping market. Inmarsat.

Septentrio, Leuven, Belgium, has been selected to provide the AsteRx4 OEM GNSS receiver to equip the new Apogee product line of inertial navigation systems. The AsteRx4 OEM is a multifrequency and multiconstellation dual-antenna receiver. SBG Systems.

International Submarine Engineering Ltd., Port Coquitlam, Canada, has been offered a contract to build a 50-horsepower, 3,000-meter-depth HYSUB ROV. The vehicle will be outfitted with two manipulators and assorted tooling. Fukada Salvage and Marine Works.

INTTRA, Parsippany, New Jersey, has been selected to fulfill electronic shipping solution requirements. The e-commerce platform will enable electronic booking, shipping instructions and implementation services. Business can be conducted in a streamlined, automated way. NileDutch.

Saab Seaeye, Fareham, England, has an order for a Panther XT Plus ROV to undertake tasks normally performed by hydraulic vehicles. The system architecture offers a base for adding more system options, as well as integrating the client’s own technology. Bluestream Offshore.

Kongsberg Oil & Gas Technologies, Kongsberg, Norway, has been awarded a contract for the delivery of subsea structures for a gas export pipeline, which is a part of the Ichthys LNG Project. The pipeline is 882 kilometers long and continues 7 kilometers onshore to the liquefaction facilities. Saipem.

Willard Marine Inc., Anaheim, California, has been awarded a contract to supply two newly designed aluminum riverine boats. The vessels will be used to perform search, rescue and recovery operations in riverine and flood environments. Nepal Army.

Filtersafe, Tefen Ind. Zone, Israel, is providing the filtration units for BALPURE ballast water systems, which are being installed in new oil tankers built in South Korea. The systems will be installed by 2015/2016. The filters are Lloyds Register certified, witnessed and stamped. Severn Trent De Nora.

Jee Ltd., Tonbridge, England, has secured a six-figure contract to deliver subsea integrity management and engineering services for the client’s North Sea assets. The scope of work for the three-year contract includes flowlines, risers, umbilicals and structures. E.ON Exploration and Production.

Subsea Technology and Rentals, Great Yarmouth, England, has delivered a deepwater-rated, titanium-housed iWBMS wideband multibeam sonar system. The curved-array, wideband multibeam sonar will be employed by customers for wide-swath bathymetric survey operations. NORBIT.

The Switch, Vantaa, Finland, received an order to deliver a medium-speed generator for use in the AR1500 turbine drive train. The confirmation of the order resulted from a successfully completed predesign project carried out in 2014. Atlantis Resources Ltd.

Kvichak Marine Industries Inc., Seattle, Washington, was awarded a contract for the construction of a 60-foot aluminum catamaran research vessel. The vessel’s primary application will be monitoring water quality, phytoplankton, zooplankton and benthic macroinvertebrates. California Department of Water Resources.

2015:  JAN | FEB | MARCH | APRIL | MAY

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