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Marine Electronics


August 2016 Issue

AC-ROV 100 Images
Seabed for Construction

Bibby HydroMap has used the AC-ROV 100 supplied by Holdfast Marine Solutions Ltd. to carry out visual inspection of seabed conditions along a number of survey corridors in some highly challenging coastal environments.

The image quality acquired by the AC-ROV 100 suited Bibby HydroMap’s needs to accurately image the seabed for construction purposes.

Testing of AutoNaut
Wave Foil Tech

The brand new AutoNaut 5-m vessel has tested successfully in QinetiQ’s Ocean Basin at the Haslar Marine Technology Park. The new design was put through its paces in a range of wave conditions to evaluate the performance of the patented AutoNaut Wave Foil Technology at the 5-m size.

AutoNaut’s wave foil system passively harvests the energy from the pitch and roll of waves at sea, providing silent propulsion with zero emissions. This ensures that power generated by solar panels or fuel cells is available for sensor payloads and AutoNaut’s custom autopilot system, designed by H-Scientific Ltd.

Chinook ROV Assists
Tugboat Recovery

When two tugboats recently collided off the coast of Nanaimo, Canada, SEAMOR Marine Ltd. was quick on the scene to offer help. The accident occurred in the south of Nanaimo between Duke Point and Gabriola Island. Two tug boats were running alongside one another when one ship swerved and crashed into the smaller tug. Two crew members were safely pulled from the water, but the smaller tug rolled and sank to the bottom of the Northumberland Channel.

The sunken tug suffered damage to its fuel tanks, slowly releasing fuel into the channel at the rate of 5-ft.-diameter patches of oil every 10 min. At 105-m depth, with substantial tidal impacts and moderate current in the channel, there were concerns that the oil spill could worsen. SEAMOR offered assistance to the Port Authority with their ROVs to help identify the exact location and position of the boat underwater. The Chinook ROV with sonar determined the location of the tugboat and was used to do a full inspection of the sunken tug, including confirming the identity of the ship. The clear video from the ROV’s camera was shared with the Port Authority and will be reviewed by a salvage contractor to establish a recovery plan.

Shell Deploys Satellite-
Based Asset Management

Globalstar Europe Satellite Services Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Globalstar Inc., announced that Shell has deployed a satellite-based asset management solution in the Netherlands to securely manage its movable assets on land and at sea. By more closely and efficiently managing its high-value assets and their associated test certification, Shell has achieved a positive return on investment (ROI) on the solution in just three months.

The Alltrack track and trace solution, provided by Globalstar’s Dutch-based Value Added Reseller Improvement-IT, incorporates QR codes, Globalstar’s SmartOne satellite asset managers and a cloud-based content management system.

Alltrack has been integrated with Shell’s internal mapping software utility to make it easy to precisely locate assets, while geofencing confirms that items are in the right place. The solution ensures that equipment test certificates are valid, eliminating paperwork while cutting time and costs, as well as speeding up supply chain operations.

ULS-500 Scanner
Maps Monterey Seabed

Sonardyne International Ltd. has used 2G Robotics’ underwater laser scanning equipment to dynamically map the seabed in Monterey Bay, California. This high-resolution deepwater mapping of Sur Ridge was performed using 2G Robotics’ ULS-500 underwater laser scanner mounted to an ROV.

For the survey, the ROV was equipped and navigated using Sonardyne’s inertial navigation sensor, SPRINT, interfaced with a Syrinx 600-kHz DVL, ROVNav 6 LBL transceiver and a precision pressure sensor. EIVA’s hydrographic survey and navigation software was integrated with the ULS-500 using EIVA’s dedicated driver for 2G Robotics’ systems to facilitate with data capturing and post-processing.

Corvus Wins ‘Supplier
Of the Year’ Award

Corvus Energy has been awarded “Supplier of the Year” at the 2016 Electric & Hybrid Marine Awards held at the Electric & Hybrid Marine World Expo in Amsterdam. This is the second consecutive year that Corvus has received this award.

“This company is a perfect example of successfully implementing innovations on a large scale,” said panel judge Charles van den Oosterkamp, CEO, Yellow & Finch Publishers.

Corvus believes that lithium-ion-based energy storage systems have a broader range of applications in the maritime industry and beyond.

24/7 Connectivity
Is a Necessity

Brent Bruun, executive vice president of mobile broadband for KVH Industries, Inc., and Mike Mitsock, the company’s vice president of marketing, told an audience of invited guests at the Posidonia maritime conference in Athens, Greece, that the market needs to face up to the realities of how 24/7 connectivity between ship and shore is a real business necessity and is no longer a “nice to have”, especially with the intense competition in today’s shipping economy.

Bruun outlined how satellite communications can provide real value to ship operations in one of the most challenging periods in maritime history. “While satellite communications tend to account for less than one percent of ship operating costs, they are the lynchpin of optimizing the remainder of the operating cost equation,” Bruun said.

Mitsock cataloged the major areas for potential operating cost savings and the role of KVH and its partners in focusing on big data to address each area. “The optimization of significant operational costs, such as fuel, through such measures as route planning and engine maintenance, can lead to sustainably lower overall costs,” said Mitsock.


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