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January 2016 Issue

ClassNK Establishes Ship Data Center
ClassNK has established Ship Data Center Co. Ltd. in Tokyo, Japan, headed by ClassNK Executive Vice President Yasushi Nakamura. The Data Center consists of a secured shipping operations database which will serve as an information hub to independently manage the utilization of big data in the maritime industry.

Trials of the Data Center will commence on a container vessel in February 2016 in cooperation with a Japanese shipping company.

DNV GL Approves Dalian’s
LNG-Fueled VLCC Design

DNV GL presented an approval in principle certificate to Dalian Shipbuilding Industry Co. (DSIC) for a new LNG-fueled very large crude carrier (VLCC) design. The new, innovative design has been found to comply with the Gas Fueled notation as given in the DNV GL rules for the classification of ships and the recently adopted IGF Code.

The shipping industry is being challenged to reduce its emissions of SO2, CO2, nitrogen oxide and particulates, both by current and incoming regulations.

Aqua Comms Announces Completion
Of Next-Gen Subsea Cable System

Aqua Comms Ltd. announced that it has completed the final splice of its America Europe Connect (AEConnect) subsea fiber-optic cable system, completing the marine segment. Scheduled to be ready for service by January 31, 2016, AEConnect spans more than 5,536 km across the Atlantic.

The system provides secure, low-latency, high-capacity connectivity from New York to Dublin, London and beyond to greater Europe. It also includes stubbed branching units strategically placed to facilitate future extensions of the system.

SMD Announces Redundancies
Soil Machine Dynamics Ltd. (SMD) announced the loss of 70 to 80 jobs across the business. The news comes as SMD’s largest order in history for two suites of cable laying and burial equipment has been suspended due to the rejection of an export license as a result of current sanctions in place for Russia.

Extremely challenging market conditions and the decline in demand from the oil and gas market has caused many projects to be shelved until at least late 2016.

Havila Harmony Joins Search
Fugro is providing an additional vessel, the Havila Harmony, to join the search for the missing flight MH370 in the southern Indian Ocean. From the 93-m, multi-role vessel, Fugro will deploy the Echo Surveyor VII AUV. The state-of-the-art AUV will scan the most difficult portions of the search area.

Havila Harmony has excellent sea-keeping capabilities, providing a stable platform for operations in a wide range of weather conditions.

Rolls-Royce, Sanmar Enter Strategic
Partnership for Supply of MTU Engines

Rolls-Royce and Turkish Shipbuilder Sanmar Shipyards have signed a letter of intent for the supply of MTU engines. The Class RAstar 2800-E Azimuth Stern Drive tugs currently being built by Sanmar are to be powered solely by the MTU Series 16V 4000 M63 and M63L englines and by a Rolls-Royce or Schottel propeller system.

MTU and Sanmar have been working together since 2009.

MacArtney, Moog Focal Expand
Long-Term Business Alliance

Moog Focal Technologies Corp. and the MacArtney Group have agreed to intensify their multiservice partnership aiming at expanding their long-term business cooperation in favor of their extensive customer portfolio.

The MacArtney Group represents a wealth of marine experience and knowledge as well as many years’ experience attending to Focal products. An increase in global sales and servicing capacities fortifies the foundation for a strong business alliance between the two companies.

KIOST Buys Advanced 3D Profiling
Sonar From Marine Electronics

Marine Electronics Ltd. has supplied an advanced 2001 3D Profiling Sonar System to the Korea Institute for Ocean Science and Technology (KIOST). The system will enable them to capture short-range 3D bathymetry data at high resolution and is likely to prove invaluable for some of its coastal research projects.

The images generated enable sand and silt movement to be seen clearly so that the effects of current action on the seabed can be observed in detail. This is valuable for monitoring the effects of water movement round bridge piers or the base of wind turbines.

Atlantas Marine Introduces
Underwater Inspection Service

Marine surveyors and engineers who need to examine a situation underwater can now use a quick-reaction ROV inspection service recently launched by Atlantas Marine. An observation-class ROV is available to deploy and enable clients to see with their own eyes any damage or situation inside a thruster tunnel. Surveyors and engineers are expected to find this more reassuring than just a description.

The entire deployment package is contained within a large suitcase-sized crate that can be transported as luggage by its operator. Once on location, the ROV can be deployed in the water in less than 15 minutes.

Climeon’s ‘Ocean’ Wins Award
Climeon was awarded the Technology Innovation Award at the Excellence in Best Practice Award Banquet hosted by Frost & Sullivan in Frankfurt, Germany. Frost & Sullivan also released a report on Marine Waste Heat Recovery Solutions rating Climeon at the top with a scoring of 9.2 (excellent) on a scale from 1 to 10.

Climeon Ocean is a system that converts hot water between 70 to 120°C into 100 percent clean electricity. The system is scalable from 150 kW up to 1 MW. Each unit can help customers reduce CO2 emissions up to 5,000 metric tons per year.

Grandweld Delivers One Dive
Maintenance and Support Vessel

Grandweld has successfully delivered one dive maintenance and support vessel, TAWAM1, to Abu Dhabi National Oil Co. (ADNOC). Taking the project from conception to completion, Grandweld designed and built the 50-m-long vessel with a 65-mt bollard pull capacity.

TAWAM1 is equipped with anchor handling equipment and an offshore lifiting crane with a capacity of 35 mt at 7.5 m each.

Ecoslops Produces First Marine
Fuel Products at Port of Sinès

Ecoslops announced its refinery in the Port of Sinès, Portugal, has commenced industrial production and delivered its first volume of marine fuel products compliant with ISO 8217, validating the company’s commercial proposition.

“This is a landmark moment for Ecoslops, as we prove the commercial and sustainable viability of creating marine fuel products from slops,” said Vincent Favier, CEO, Ecoslops.

Unique Group Expands into Saudi Arabia
Unique Group is making its first move into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with the opening of two new facilities in Riyadh and Dammam. With the opening of these two sites, Unique Group is showing its commitment to growth in the Kingdom, as well as the wider Middle East.

The move is being made in response to customer demand for products and support services to be provided locally.

Jotron Equips Survival Expedition
Across the Pacific Ocean

Norwegian communication expert Jotron AS has equipped the two balsa rafts taking part in the Kon-Tiki2 survival and science expedition from Peru to Easter Island.

The firm’s EPIRBs, GMDSS handheld VHF radios and AIS SARTs, and AISs Class A will aid in ensuring vital communication if an emergency situation should arise. It has also supplied high-intensity marking lights and stobe lights for the entire crew.

IMarEST Gains Observer Status
The IMarEST was granted Observer status as an international nongovernmental organization at the London Convention & Protocol. The status will enable the institute to provide a valuable contribution to the scientific evaluation of waste disposal at sea, proposed for dumping, including monitoring and assessment of waste disposal options.

IMMA’s Maritime Medical Stores
App Proves Crucial to Industry

With over 1,500 companies already downloading, IMMA’s App-driven Maritime Medical Stores Catalogue is designed to ensure vessel owners and managers are meeting their obligations when it comes to the health of their crews.

This useful app includes a medicine section to show what medicines should form part of onboard medical kits, a section on alcohol and drug testing, as well as waste management and cleaning equipment.


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