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September 2013 Issue

W&O Named Sales Agent for PG Marine Group
W&O Supply (Jacksonville, Florida) will be PG Marine Group's (Hvalstad, Norway) exclusive sales agent in the U.S. and Canada.

PG Marine Group's offerings range from simple pumps and pumping systems to automated, bridge-integrated computerized solutions.

As the exclusive North American sales agent for all PG Marine products, W&O will use their branch and sales network to represent the company and their services.

Fugro Chance Completes Acoustic Metrology
Fugro Chance Inc. (Lafayette, Louisiana) performed acoustic metrologies on four proposed jumpers in the Gulf of Mexico. A typical metrology takes approximately 12 hours for one measurement, resulting in an anticipated operational time of around 48 hours in total. However, these acoustic metrologies were completed with accurate results in just 33 hours.

Two standard Sonardyne (Yateley, England) Compatt 6 transponders and two Sonardyne Lodestar GyroCompatts were used to acquire tilt magnitude and direction from manifold pressure caps to wellhead casings.

$9.46 Million in Support of Shipyards Nationwide
The U.S. Department of Transportation's Maritime Administration (MARAD) announced $9.46 million to help improve 12 shipyards in 10 states. The grants, provided through the Small Shipyard Grant Program, are intended to foster efficiency and modernization that allow shipyards to compete more effectively in the global marketplace.

MARAD received 113 grant applications requesting $96 million in assistance. The grants fund a variety of projects, including infrastructure improvements and equipment upgrades to increase operational competitiveness and quality vessel construction.

Claims Battle Just Beginning for BP
BP plc's (London, England) executives have stated that the company is preparing for a long road ahead regarding the legal battle for damages after the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, reported the Financial Times. For the second consecutive quarter, BP has raised its allowance for compensation payouts.

Taking into account cleanup costs and possible penalties, the financial damage for the spill is estimated by BP at more than $42 billion.

Though the company has said that some of the claims are 'absurd,' BP is gearing up for a large-scale legal battle as attempts to stop payouts have failed.

The majority of the claims have been filed by businesses in the U.S. South.

Shorai Partners With Lehr Inc.
Shorai Inc. (Sunnyvale, California) announced a partnership with LEHR Inc. (Los Angeles, California). Because Shorai LFX batteries have a low discharge rate, they can be used seasonally for marine applications. Shorai's LFX batteries are able to hold an unloaded charge for an entire year without compromising service life, according to the company.

By featuring an enclosed internal battery, Shorai's partnership with LEHR's Outboard Motor Series will allow consumers ease of use, Shorai said.

Panama Canal Expansion Reaches Milestone
The Panama Canal expansion is moving forward to enhance the waterway's capacity. The program registers a 60.4 percent progress.

Both entrances of the Panama Canal are ready for bigger ships, since the deepening and widening of the Atlantic and Pacific access channels have been completed. The dredging of Gatun Lake is expected to be completed by the end of this year. The Pacific Access Channel has reached the design depth, and the dam that will divide the new channel from Miraflores Lake is under construction.

Ports Set Records in Total Tonnage
The Georgia Ports Authority (GPA) marked record volumes for fiscal year 2013 in total tonnage, bulk cargo, total automachinery units and freight moved by intermodal rail.

For the second year in a row, the GPA achieved a record total for auto and machinery units with an 11.7 percent improvement in fiscal year 2013, moving 636,942 units—an increase of 66,958. Volume improvements in fiscal year 2013 are thanks in part to business from new customers and heavy machinery exports.

The Port of Brunswick is the third busiest port in the U.S. for total roll-on/roll-off cargo, and the second busiest port for the import of such cargo.

Bestobell Valves Secures Deal With W&O
Bestobell Valves (Sheffield, England) has named W&O Supply (Jacksonville, Florida) its exclusive distributor in North America.

Bestobell Valves and W&O will offer Bestobell Valves' LNG cryogenic valves for LNG fuel applications as a solution for marine companies throughout North America. Bestobell Valves's experience in supplying valves for LNG systems will be combined with W&O's connections in the North American market.

Benefits of LNG fuel include lowering greenhouse gas emissions and potentially reducing fuel costs.

Unique System to Represent Falmouth Scientific
Falmouth Scientific Inc. (Cataumet, Massachusetts) announced the addition of Unique System LLC (New Iberia, Louisiana) to its family of manufacturer's representatives.

The company specializes in the supply of equipment for sale and rental to the diving and offshore industries in the Gulf of Mexico region. Unique System also extends the capabilities of the global Unique Maritime Group (Sharjah, United Arab Emirates) to companies operating within the North American subsea oil and gas, mining and construction sectors.

Wärtsilä Hosts Student Training
Wärtsilä (Helsinki, Finland) hosted the State University of New York Maritime College and its cadets on board the college's training ship, the Empire State VI, during their visit to Trieste, Italy. The students were part of the second term of the annual 2013 Summer Sea Team. Upon arrival of the ship in Trieste's harbor, leaders from Wärtsilä welcomed the group of close to 600, including maritime cadets, faculty, crew and the SUNY Maritime College president. While in port, a tour of the company's workshop was planned.

Pacific Crest Changes Name
Pacific Crest (Sunnyvale, California) has changed their name to Trimble Integrated Technologies.

The change has come as they are responsible for advertising and marketing not only Pacific Crest radio products to various surveying markets but also several Trimble (Sunnyvale) and Ashtech (Sunnyvale) products to various OEM markets.

Bottom Crawlers Partners With Empire Multimedia
Bottom Crawlers (Fort Lauderdale, Florida) has formed a partnership with Empire Multimedia Corp. (Manila, Philippines) to expand the brand into Asian markets.

Bottom Crawlers focuses on industries like fishing, boating, beach and marine lifestyle.

Through Empire Multimedia Corp., Bottom Crawlers will offer Asian retailers and consumers a product line with a clean, sophisticated style.

Schooner Found in Lake Ontario
In 1839, after gale force winds brought the schooner Atlas to the bottom of Lake Ontario, only a handful of items were recovered from the wreck.

A group of shipwreck experts have recently located the ship, which may possibly be the oldest found in the Great Lakes, reported Shipwreck World. Using high-resolution side scan sonar, the team was able to record video of the wreck 300 feet below the water's surface.

The US Coast Guard Turns 223
In 1790, the U.S. Department of Treasury established the Revenue Cutter Service, the organization that is today's Coast Guard. Juneau, Alaska, home to the 17th Coast Guard District, celebrated the military branch's 223rd anniversary with a weekend of events, including a tour of the Polar Star, a heavy ice breaker, reported Alaska Public Media.

Originally created to collect taxes, customs and tariffs from ships coming to port, the U.S. Coast Guard expanded to be responsible for the Lighthouse Service and Life Saving Service.

The U.S. Coast Guard has a presence at the local, national and international levels.

Boat Discovered Under San Francisco Street
While prepping for construction of a residential building in San Francisco, California's South of Market district, workers uncovered a 23-foot ship, reported Reuters.

Once the crew spotted the boat's outline, a conservationist was brought to the scene and workers abandoned power tools to prevent damage. The nearly intact boat is thought to be from the mid-19th century, around the time of the gold rush.

While parts of ships have previously been recovered from under the pavement of San Francisco, it is rare to find a vessel well-preserved. The public will likely be able to view a display of the boat in the coming months.

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