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April 2013 Issue

TerraSond Orders OneOcean ClipCard
OneOcean Corp. (Seattle, Washington), which recently introduced its ClipCard platform and cloud-based service for managing marine geospatial data, announced in March its first enterprise customer, TerraSond Ltd. (Palmer, Alaska).

Using the ClipCard, TerraSond will be able to manage more than 50 terabytes of bathymetric and other hydrographic survey data—digital assets accumulated in more than 15 countries since its founding in 1994.

'We've been collecting data for nearly two decades,' said Tom Newman, CEO and co-founder of TerraSond. 'But we have been hard-pressed to visually organize all of that work in a single place, and we have been seeking an efficient way to manage the data itself across our growing global footprint. With OneOcean, we believe we have found a solution to both of these challenges.'

OneOcean's ClipCard platform gives TerraSond a summary of its worldwide data holdings that is searchable and spatially organized. Each ClipCard is an abstract of a unique file or data set that TerraSond has collected, linked to its source but only a fraction of the size. With OneOcean's global cloud infrastructure backed by Amazon Web Services, TerraSond can use the ClipCard platform to grant secure access to source data on any continent when it is needed.

The ClipCard had its beta release in February.

Horizon Lines Shifts to Philadelphia
Horizon Lines Inc. (Charlotte, North Carolina) will move its northeast terminal operations to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, from Elizabeth, New Jersey, effective April 11.

'The Port of Philadelphia's strategic location and terminal facilities are expected to produce a number of significant advantages for Horizon Lines' customers in the Puerto Rico trade lane,' said Richard Rodriguez, vice president and general manager, Puerto Rico. 'These include fastest transit times, quickest turn times, a comprehensive intermodal network, expedited inspections, and improved warehousing and transloading capabilities. We also project that the move will yield long-term cost efficiencies for our Puerto Rico operation.'

The first northbound sailing was expected to depart San Juan, Puerto Rico, on April 7, arriving in Philadelphia on April 11. The first southbound sailing was expected to depart Philadelphia on April 11, arriving in San Juan on April 15.

Service schedules between Jacksonville, Florida, Houston, Texas, and San Juan remain unchanged.

ACP Completes Dredging of Culebra Cut For Expansion of Panama Canal
The Panama Canal Authority (ACP) has completed the dredging to deepen and widen the navigational channels along Culebra Cut as part of the canal expansion program. A total of 3.2 million cubic meters was removed.

Culebra Cut is difficult to access as the narrowest portion of the canal's navigational channel. ACP equipment was used for this project, including the dredges Mindi, Rialto M. Christensen and Quibian I, and the drill barges Thor and Baru.

In addition, contracted equipment was also used: the dredge II Principe of Jan de Nul Group (Aalst, Belgium) and the dredge Cornelius of Royal Boskalis Westminster N.V. (Papendrecht, Netherlands).

In addition, the first 1 million cubic meters of concrete were poured in the locks construction site on the Atlantic side. This represents 1,800 cubic meters of reinforced concrete poured in the wall of the southeast wing, at the point where the vessels will enter the locks from Gatun Lake.

McLane Delivers Wire Following Profilers for OOI
McLane Research Laboratories Inc. (East Falmouth, Massachusetts) has delivered the first moored profilers to Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) and Scripps Institution of Oceanography (SIO) for the Ocean Observatories Initiative (OOI) coastal and global arrays.

The OOI is planned as a networked infrastructure of science-driven sensor systems that will collect and disseminate data on coastal, regional and global scales, and will make ocean-observing data available through a cyber infrastructure to anyone with an Internet connection.

Jeppesen Partners With FarSounder on Promotion
Jeppesen (Englewood, Colorado) and FarSounder Inc. (Warwick, Rhode Island) announced in March a joint promotion for the FarSounder-500 and FarSounder-1000 sonar systems. FarSounder's software uses Jeppesen charts as part of their 3D forward-looking sonar's chart overlay feature.

Jeppesen will provide a three-month trial of the latest Jeppesen charts for key regions of the customers' travel areas. This promotion will run through March 1, 2014.

The chart overlay is produced by correlating the sonar's data to a geospatial position and displaying information from the sonar data on top of Jeppesen's digital charts.

Teledyne Completes Acquisition of RESON
Teledyne Technologies Inc. (Thousand Oaks, California) has completed the acquisition of RESON A/S (Slangerup, Denmark). The acquired company will operate under the name Teledyne RESON.

Successful Patent for Wave Measurement System
Dr. Chung-Chu Teng, Richard Bouchard and Rodney Riley, with NOAA's National Weather Service National Data Buoy Center (NDBC) have successfully patented a system for measuring spectra of surface ocean waves in near real time. The title of the patent is: 'System for monitoring, determining, and reporting directional spectra of ocean surface waves in near real-time from a moored buoy' (Patent No. US 8,195,395).

NDBC pursued a patent in order to make a low-cost, accurate and reliable wave system more widely available, while assuring control of the technology.

NDBC has received requests to license the new technology.'

APEX Deep Sets Diving Record
Teledyne Webb Research's (Falmouth, Massachusetts) Autonomous Profiling Explorer (APEX) Deep set a diving record in excess of 6,000 meters in the Puerto Rico trench at the end of February, making APEX Deep the deepest-diving commercially available profiling float. The dive was launched from the RV Kruger B out of San Juan, Puerto Rico. Approximately 22 hours later, the float surfaced and transmitted its data over the Iridium satellite network.

Caterpillar Marine Bundles Engine-Repair Solutions
Caterpillar Marine Power Systems (Hamburg, Germany) is offering its first bundled repair solutions for engine overhauls. The solution is a customizable, comprehensive solution for customers looking to keep their vessels on the water longer. Customers can customize kits with the related components needed for top end or major engine overhauls.

AMEC to Conduct Optimization Study For Oceanic's Europe, Asia Shipping
Oceanic Iron Ore Corp. (Vancouver, Canada) has commissioned a shipping optimization study to be led by AMEC (London, England) and involving end-user shipping and stevedoring companies. It is anticipated that AMEC will conclude the study during the third quarter of 2013.

AMEC has found that Oceanic's plan to ship year-round to Asia and Europe using Capesize vessels from its wholly owned port and processing facility located at Canada's Ungava Bay is feasible.

The study will evaluate the optimal transhipment approach for future product deliveries to the Asian market and will refine views on transshipment location, logistics and the incremental costs associated with repositioning cargo from dedicated ice-class vessels to market vessels at the transhipment location.

The study will also update and refine the logistics and approach associated with direct shipments to the European market.

Wärtsilä Opens Workshop in Brazil
Wärtsilä Corp. (Helsinki, Finland) has opened a new services workshop in Niterói in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The new facilities will strengthen Wärtsilä's presence in Brazil and enable customer support with a wide range of workshop services with rapid response times.

Mohican Joins ASI ROV Fleet
ASI Group Ltd. (ASI), based in St. Catharines, Canada, has added the ASI Mohican to its ROV fleet. This ROV is suitable for tunnel inspection due to its 10-kilometer umbilical.

The Mohican is equipped with multibeam imaging sonars, HD camera, LED lighting and a 360-degree multibeam echosounder. The propulsion system allows continuous work in high-current conditions.

SWSES Expands to Galveston
SWS Environmental Services (Panama City Beach, Florida), or SWSES, has expanded its Texas operations to Galveston. The newest location was chosen for its maritime proximity on the coast, providing for new services to the shipping, barge and petrochemical industries.

Law Firms Merge
Miami, Florida-based Houck Anderson, a maritime and admiralty law firm, has merged with The Chartwell Law Offices LLP on the U.S. East Coast. The merged firm will operate under the Chartwell name.

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