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March 2012 Issue

Hydroid Updates REMUS AUV
Hydroid Inc. (Pocasset, Massachusetts) launched in February the REMUS 100-S AUV, which is derived from the REMUS 100 system and intended for hydrographic and offshore surveys.

The REMUS 100-S includes a Kongsberg Maritime (Kongsberg, Norway) inertial navigation system, a GPS sensor, 1-gigabit Ethernet for data downloading and a Wind River (Alameda, California) VxWorks operating system, Hydroid said. It is compatible with industry standard post-processing software packages, such as Kongsberg's NavLab, which can work with the 100-S's navigation processing suite, NavP, for higher accuracy position data. For more information visit www.km.kongsberg.com/hydroid.

J.F. Lehman & Co. Acquires National Response Corp.
J.F. Lehman & Co. (New York City, New York) signed in February a definitive agreement to acquire Great River, New York-based National Response Corp. (NRC), including its subsidiaries NRC Environmental Services and SEACOR Response, from SEACOR Holdings Inc. (Fort Lauderdale, Florida).

The acquisition was scheduled to be finalized in about 30 days, depending on closing conditions. National Response Corp. has approximately 540 employees.

'[J.F. Lehman & Co.'s] successful history of investing in the maritime market, strong financial standing and desire to accelerate NRC's growth is expected to result in expanded geographic coverage, new services and additional resources for NRC's clients,' said Steve Candito, who will be NRC's CEO after the sale is finalized. For more information visit www.jflpartners.com.

Iridium Launches Second-Gen Broadband Platform
Iridium Communications Inc. (McLean, Virginia) launched in February its second-generation maritime broadband platform, Iridium Pilot, which will use the Iridium OpenPort service.

Iridium Pilot has a fixed, electronically steerable, phased-array antenna that is small, lightweight and designed to maintain connectivity in rough seas. In addition to broadband connectivity, the platform has three independent phone lines that work simultaneously. Data speeds are up to 134 kilobits per second. The Iridium Pilot has a built-in firewall for traffic management and a bulk configuration capability to manage large volumes of units. It comes with a five-year limited warranty and will be compatible with Iridium NEXT, a satellite constellation that is scheduled for deployment in 2015.

'We currently see a rapid migration from legacy narrowband services to new-generation broadband solutions in the maritime satellite communications market,' said Richard Roithner, senior consultant at Euroconsult. 'MSS [mobile satellite services] broadband solutions have seen significant growth over the last two years, increasing at around 120 percent per year.' For more information visit www.iridium.com.

Markey Machinery Wins Trademark Dispute
Markey Machinery (Seattle, Washington) has won a dispute over the trademark for its Render/Recover winch. In February, the United States Trademark Trial and Appeal Board dismissed the petition, which was initiated by another winch manufacturer, to cancel the trademark.

'The court decision recognized our origination of the term in 1994,' Markey president Blaine Dempke said. 'It's unfortunate that we had to defend something that was so clearly identified with our company, but defend it we did. We really had no other choice.' For more information visit www.markeymachinery.com.

OceanWorks Upgrades Turkish Navy's Dive Systems
OceanWorks International (Burnaby, Canada) delivered in February a system upgrade to the Turkish Navy's HARDSUIT Quantum Atmospheric Diving System (ADS), which also received certification renewal from Lloyd's Register Group and completed sea trials. The Turkish Navy uses the HARDSUIT systems in submarine rescue and salvage operations.

The upgrade for the HARDSUIT Quantum includes new equipment, such as LED lights, a low-light pan-and-tilt camera and an updated pilot control system that allows for redundant surface controls. A new electronic panel system was added to improve accessibility for maintenance purposes. For more information visit www.oceanworks.com.

Iver2 AUVs to Map Bottom of Danube Delta
OceanServer Technology Inc. (Fall River, Massachusetts) has delivered two Iver2 AUVs to SC Marine Research SRL (Bucharest, Romania), the company said in February. The Iver2s will be used to map the bottom of the Black Sea's Danube Delta to identify, localize and document the characteristics of benthic habitats.

Both Iver2s are equipped with side scan sonar, and one has a Imagenex (Port Coquitlam, Canada) Delta-T multibeam sonar system. The AUVs can collect acoustic Doppler current and CTD data in situ. For more information visit www.ocean-server.com.

L-3 Klein Introduces HydroScan Side Scan Sonar
L-3 Klein Associates Inc. (Salem, New Hampshire) in February introduced HydroScan, a side scan sonar for search and recovery applications.

Rated to a depth of 100 meters, HydroScan is equipped with dual-frequency (455 and 900 kilohertz) wideband frequency modulation chirp sonar to provide high-resolution imaging and, under certain conditions, potentially twice the range of similar lightweight systems in disaster, emergency and first-responder surveys, L-3 Klein said.

During testing, at tow speeds of 4 to 6 knots, HydroScan consistently captured high-resolution imagery over 80 meters per side using 900 kilohertz, as well as over 175 meters at 455 kilohertz, the company said. For more information visit www.l-3klein.com.

Global AUV Market to Keep Growing, Report Finds
Global demand for AUVs is expected to grow steadily through 2016, with North America remaining dominant due to continued spending on military and research AUVs, according to a report by Douglas-Westwood (Canterbury, England) that was published in February.

Latin America will be the fastest growing user region because of investment in Brazil's offshore deepwater oil and gas exploration and production.

New applications are also expected to emerge in 2012, such as site surveys for marine renewable energy projects and life-of-field inspection systems for the offshore oil and gas industry.

The global AUV fleet now includes some 560 units, compared to the 92 AUVs that had been built in 2004, and an additional 370 will be in use by 2016. AUVs are being built at a rate of 50 units per year, and the rate is expected to increase to around 100, with approximately 930 AUVs active within five years.

'The importance of the military and research sectors to the AUV business is set to continue,' said John Westwood, chairman of Douglas-Westwood. For more information visit www.douglas-westwood.com.

BlueView Delivers P900-130 2D Sonars to Fugro
BlueView Technologies (Seattle, Washington) delivered in February two P900-130 2D multibeam imaging sonars to Fugro Subsea Services (Aberdeen, Scotland). The deliveries are installed on Falcon ROVs from Saab Seaeye (Segensworth, England), BlueView said. Six units in total have been delivered to Fugro over the past year. For more information visit www.blueview.com.

Schilling Robotics Delivers HD ROV to Subsea 7
Schilling Robotics LLC (Davis, California) delivered in February two HD ROV systems to Subsea 7 (London, England). The HD ROVs are rated to 3,000 meters' depth and have 150 horsepower. For more information visit www.schilling.com.

ORE Offshore Merges With EdgeTech
ORE Offshore (West Wareham, Massachusetts) merged with EdgeTech (West Wareham) in February. The two companies were separate divisions operating out of the same office for more than 10 years, so merging to a common name was a 'natural progression,' EdgeTech said. All ORE Offshore products will fall under the EdgeTech name. For more information visit www.edgetech.com.

Teledyne Sells First MB1 in North America
Survey Equipment Services Inc. (Katy, Texas) has purchased two Teledyne Odom Hydrographic Inc. (Baton Rouge, Louisiana) MB1 multibeam echosounders. The sale is the first for the MB1 in North America, Teledyne said.

The MB1, released in January, has a 120-degree swath coverage and phase and amplitude bottom detection, with an operating frequency of 170 to 220 kilohertz. For more information visit www.odomhydrographic.com.

Radio Holland to Expand to Four More Ports
Radio Holland USA (Houston, Texas) announced in February a network expansion to four ports in Charleston, South Carolina; Savannah, Georgia; Corpus Christi, Texas; and Portland, Oregon. Radio Holland also has begun bidding on parent company Imtech Marine's (Rotterdam, Netherlands) solutions, such as electrical systems, power management, ship automation, and product alarm and monitoring systems, to expand its portfolio. For more information visit http://imtech.eu.

Saab Introduces Double-Hulled Sabertooth
Saab Seaeye (Hampshire, England) introduced in February the double-hulled version of the Sabertooth AUV/ROV. The single-hulled version was launched last year. The Sabertooth has about a 14-hour duration and is depth-rated to 3,000 meters. It can stay underwater for up to a year in areas where access is seasonally restricted. For more information visit www.seaeye.com.


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