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March 2011 Issue

Iridium Joins Radio Holland to Establish Worldwide Network of Service Centers for OpenPort
Iridium Communications Inc. (Bethesda, Maryland) recently announced that it is establishing a global service program for its OpenPort® broadband marine satellite communication product. As part of this initiative, Iridium has signed an agreement for Radio Holland Group (Rotterdam, Netherlands) to be its first service partner.

This new program aims to provide full-service shipboard support to any OpenPort customer at more than 50 ports around the globe. Iridium said it is the first mobile satellite service provider to offer full-service support of this kind.

Radio Holland will provide portside technical support and assist Iridium with global logistics, managing three regional service centers to enable timely support at all major ports worldwide, Iridium said.

'Radio Holland operates one of the most extensive service networks in the maritime industry, which will help to provide global 24/7 support for Iridium OpenPort,' said David Slager, chief executive officer of Radio Holland.

Hydroid Inc. Integrates Kongsberg Maritime's HiPAP System With REMUS AUVs
Hydroid Inc. (Pocasset, Massachusetts) announced in January that it has integrated Kongsberg Maritime's (Kongsberg, Norway) High Precision Acoustic Positioning (HiPAP) system into its family of REMUS autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs). HiPAP technology will provide REMUS users a faster, more accurate way to obtain an AUV's exact position and to update the vehicle's navigation system, Hydroid said.

HiPAP provides an additional means of aiding REMUS's navigation system by transmitting an independently established location, which is calculated by the HiPAP system on the surface and then sent to the submerged vehicle over an acoustic communication link.

'As our customers' trust and confidence in REMUS have grown over the past years, the need to track and communicate with our vehicles during a mission has diminished,' said Christopher von Alt, president and co-founder of Hydroid. 'Today, many owners deploy their vehicles and set them free to execute their mission, returning to recover them six to 24 hours later at a preprogrammed location. However, some customers choose to stay in contact with and track their vehicles during a mission. The compatibility of Kongsberg Maritime's HiPAP system with REMUS is of interest to both groups.'

Marinalife and Marina Reservation Services Partner to Provide Online Marina Reservation Tool
Marinalife recently announced a partnership with Marina Reservation Services LLC to offer Hercules Marine™, a suite of online software services built for marinas by Marina Reservation Services.

'Hercules Marine software will complement the Marinalife proprietary online reservation service and offers marina operators a more integrated solution to reservation services,' said Joy McPeters, chief executive officer of Marinalife.

T&T BISSO and Resolve Marine Group Form Firefighting Coalition
Resolve Marine Group Inc. (Fort Lauderdale Florida) and T&T BISSO (Houston, Texas) announced in January that they have formed a coalition to provide marine firefighting services in U.S. waters. This agreement combines both companies' firefighting infrastructure to produce overlapping coverage and higher volume firefighting capacity throughout the U.S., T&T BISSO said.

The coalition was crafted specifically to help tank vessel operators fully comply with the new Oil Pollution Act of 1990 regulations that went into effect on February 22, according to a statement from the companies.

The regulations require that all tanker and tank barge owners operating in U.S. waters update their existing U.S. Coast Guard-approved Vessel Response Plan with a Salvage and Marine Firefighting plan. Tank vessel owners must certify they have precontracted firefighting services, equipment and trained response personnel.

Over the past three years, both Resolve and T&T BISSO have developed comprehensive in-house firefighting response systems, which include newly purchased, custom-built equipment and networks of trained maritime firefighters to meet any vessel response needs, the companies said.

'By combining and strategically locating our firefighting equipment—equipment owned and operated by Resolve and T&T BISSO—we can assure tanker operators realistic, operational coverage for any emergency event,' said Captain Farhat Imam, chief operating officer of Resolve.

The T&T BISSO-Resolve coalition prepositions 45 high-volume marine fire pumps throughout the coverage area and makes more than two million gallons of firefighting foam available throughout the U.S., the companies said.

Aqua Survey Acquires Landing Craft-Style Vessel To Aid in Shallow-Water Operations
Aqua Survey Inc. (Flemington, New Jersey) announced in January that it has acquired its first landing craft-style jet boat. This shallow-draft vessel is capable of working at sea and also landing personnel and heavy equipment directly on a beach.

The company has named the 30-foot research vessel the RV Tesla to honor the inventor Nicola Tesla, whose electromagnetic coils paved the way for the time-domain metal detection coil arrays the company uses to map submerged pipelines, locate unexploded bombs and search for treasure.

Tesla features two 450-cubic-inch internal combustion engines, geophysical remote sensing equipment and Rossfelder Corp. (Poway, California) alternating current electro-vibracoring systems.

Delta 'T' Systems Establishes Engineering Branch to Support Shipbuilders, Subsea and ROV Industries
Delta 'T' Systems (Riviera Beach, Florida) announced in February that it has launched Delta 'P' Subsea Systems LLC, a new branch of the company that is a full-capability engineering firm with experience in shipbuilding, systems integration, subsea and remotely operated vehicle (ROV) design and engineering.

Delta 'P' Subsea will offer contract engineering services to boatbuilders of all sizes and support subsea and ROV industries around the world with design, engineering and manufacturing services. The branch will also support Delta 'T' Systems' ongoing research and development program.

International Industries Appointed East Coast Representative for Bluefin
International Industries Inc. (Annapolis, Maryland) has been appointed by Bluefin Robotics Corp. (Quincy, Massachusetts) as exclusive manufacturer's representative for all Bluefin products in the eastern U.S., from New York to Georgia to as far west as Illinois.

KVH Updates CommBox Ship/Shore Network Manager for Commercial Maritime Fleets
KVH Industries Inc. (Middletown, Rhode Island) recently introduced its new CommBox™ Ship/Shore Network Manager at the Digital Ship Scandinavia Conference.

The enhanced CommBox solution includes dedicated shipboard network management hardware, network hub options for enhanced performance and network control, and versatile software applications that expand onboard communication capabilities and add valuable capabilities, KVH said.

Seahawk Drilling Files Chapter 11; Hercules Offshore Agrees to Acquire Assets
Hercules Offshore Inc. (Houston, Texas) announced in February that it has entered into an asset purchase agreement with Seahawk Drilling Inc. (Houston) and its affiliates to purchase 20 jackup rigs and related assets from Seahawk.

Hercules Offshore will pay approximately 22.3 million shares of its common stock and cash consideration of $25 million, to be used primarily to pay off Seahawk's debtor-in-possession loan, which Seahawk has secured in connection with its bankruptcy filing to support the business and provide liquidity prior to the closing of the transaction.

AMPOL Moves to Expanded Facility; Receives HUBZone Certification
American Pollution Control Corp. (AMPOL) has moved to an expanded nine-acre location in New Iberia, Louisiana.

The company is now a Historically Underutilized Business Zone (HUBZone) certified contractor. The program, operated by the U.S. Small Business Administration, encourages economic development of small businesses in historically underutilized business zones, AMPOL said. To be eligible for certification, a company's primary office must be located in an underutilized zone, 35 percent of employees must live in that zone and a majority interest in the company must be owned by a U.S. citizen, community development corporation, Indian tribe or agricultural cooperative. The program anticipates three percent of all spending for federal contracts will be awarded to HUBZone contractors.

'Our recent move and HUBZone certification are good indicators for the area and industry that a small business is growing and moving forward,' said Kirk Headley, AMPOL chief executive officer.


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