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October 4-7—Teledyne Marine Technology Workshop, San Diego, California. 508-539-6960, margo.newcombe@teledyne.com or www.teledynemarine.com/tmtw.

October 5-7—Maritime Education and Training Summit, Linthicum Heights, Maryland. 203-255-4686, executivedirector@namepa.net or www.worldmaritimedayna.net.

October 6-8—EdgeTech Sonar Training Seminar, New Bedford, Massachusetts. 508-291-0057, Amy.LaRose@edgetech.com or www.edgetech.com.

October 12-13—Naval Systems Seminar, Ankara, Turkey. nss@navalsystemsseminar.com or www.navalsystemsseminar.com.

October 13-14—Offshore Energy, Amsterdam, Netherlands. +31 (0)10 20 92 600, info@offshore-energy.biz or www.offshore-energy.biz.

October 13-14—SHIPPINGInsight, Stamford, Connecticut. 434-295-6642 or www.shippinginsight.com.

October 16—Houston Shipping & Offshore Conference, Houston, Texas. contact@houstonsoc.com or www.houstonsoc.com.

October 18-23—SEG Annual Meeting, New Orleans, Louisiana. 918-497-5566, mmcguire@seg.org or www.seg.org/web/seg-new-orleans-2015.

October 19-22—OCEANS ’15 MTS/IEEE, Washington, D.C. rusty.mirick@oceans15mtsieeewashington.org or www.oceans15mtsieeewashington.org.

October 19-24—PLOCAN Glider School, Gran Canaria, Spain. +34 928 134 414 ext. 425, carlos.barrera@plocan.eu or www.plocan.eu.

October 20-21—Ocean Energy Europe, Dublin, Ireland. www.oceanenergy-europe.eu/index.php/events/ocean-energy-europe-2015.

October 20-22—ABLOS Conference, Monaco. +377 93108100, info@iho.int or www.ablosconference.com.

October 20-23—Aquaculture Europe, Rotterdam, Netherlands. +32-59-32-38-59, eas@aquaculture.cc or www.easonline.org.

October 27-29—Offshore Technology Conference Brasil. 972-952-1112, ssipowicz@spe.org or www.otcbrasil.org.

November 3-5—Oi China 2015, Cecis, Shanghai, China. +86 (0) 10 5933 9082 or oic@reedexpo.com.cn.

November 3-7—SNAME Maritime Convention and World Maritime Technology Conference, Providence, Rhode Island. 703-997-6705, aanderson@sname.org or www.sname.org/2015WMTC.

November 4-5—Marine Renewables Canada, Montreal, Canada. 902-406-7012, nperry@oera.ca or www.marinerenewables.ca/marine-renewables-canada-annual-conference.

November 4-6—OilComm, Houston, Texas. 917-825-3014, info@oilcomm.com or www.oilcomm.com.

November 6-8—Subsea Event China, Xiamen, China. biz@subseaevent.com or www.subseaevent.com.

November 8-12—Coastal and Estuarine Research Federation Conference, Portland, Oregon. 206-922-2468, info@erf.org or www.erf.org.

November 9-10—BlueTech and Blue Economy Summit and Tech Expo, San Diego, California. kbaker@themaritimealliance.org, 619-450-4600 ext. 182 or http://themaritimealliance.org.

November 10-12—CLEAN GULF, New Orleans, Louisiana. 713-343-1891, cdavie@accessintel.com or www.cleangulf.org.

November 11-12—Arctic Shipping Summit, London, England. +48 616 467 025, pbaziuk@acieu.co.uk or www.wplgroup.com/aci/event/arctic-shipping-conference-europe.

November 15-19—International Water Conference, Orlando, Florida. 412-261-0710, ext. 13, s.mueller@eswp.com or www.eswp.com/water.

November 17-19—Multibeam User Conference, Singapore. +47 95701423 or Katharina.nygaard@kongsberg.com.

November 23-25—Hydro2015, Cape Town, South Africa. +27 21 671 7670, lesley@cebisaconferences.co.za or www.hydro2015.org.

November 23-25—Maritime Africa, Cape Town, South Africa. +27 21 700 3598, Stephan.herman@spintelligent.com or www.maritimeafrica.co.za.

December 1-2—Living Shorelines Summit, Hartford, Connecticut. ssimon@estuaries.org.

December 1-3—International WorkBoat Show, New Orleans, Louisiana. 207-842-5624, lkeller@divcom.com or www.workboatshow.com.

December 1-4—Marintec China, Shanghai, China. +85 22 827 6211, marintec-hk@ubm.com or www.marintecchina.com.

December 7-9—Unmanned Maritime Systems Conference, Washington, D.C. info@asdevents.com or www.unmannedmaritimesystems.com.


January 4-7—HYPACK Hydrographic Training Event, Tampa, Florida. 860-635-1500, Brittany@hypack.com or http://bit.ly/1ACQ4Sl.

February 23-25—International Conference on Ocean Energy, Edinburgh, Scotland. +44 (0)20 7901 3015, Claire.Richards@RenewableUK.com or http://www.renewableuk.com/en/events/conferences-and-exhibitions/icoe-2016/index.cfm.

February 23-25—Underwater Intervention, New Orleans, Louisiana. 281-893-8539, rroberts@adc-int.org or http://underwaterintervention.com.

March 22-26—OTC Asia, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 703-997-6705, aanderson@sname.org or http://2016.otcasia.org.

April 5-7—MCE Deepwater Development, Pau, France. allison.tonkin@questoffshore.com or http://mcedd.com.

April 10-13—OCEANS’16 MTS/IEEE Shanghai, Shanghai, China. GeneralChair@oceans16mtsieeeshanghai.org or www.oceans16mtsieeeshanghai.org.

May 2-5—Offshore Technology Conference, Houston, Texas. 703-997-6701, aanderson@sname.org or http://2016.otcnet.org.

May 2-5—XPONENTIAL, New Orleans, Louisiana. 703-845-9671 or www.xponential.org/auvsi2016/public/enter.aspx.

May 16-17—Offshore Arabia Conference & Exhibition, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. +97 14 362 4717, Michael.Shikuku@index.ae or www.offshorearabia.ae.

May 16-19—Canadian Hydrographic Conference, Halifax, Canada. 902-442-7606, marina.vetrovec@planaheadevents.com or https://paecanada.eventsair.com/QuickEventWebsitePortal/chc/chc2016halifax.

June 19-24—International Coral Reef Symposium, Honolulu, Hawaii. 254-776-3550, lesl@sgmeet.com or http://coralreefs.org/conferences-and-workshops/13th-international-coral-reef-symposium-hawaii.

June 21-23—MAST Europe, Amsterdam, Netherlands. www.mastconfex.com/overview.asp.

October 24-28—Arctic Technology Conference, St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. 703-997-6701, aanderson@sname.org or www.arctictechnologyconference.org.

October 25-26—Offshore Energy, Amsterdam, Netherlands. +31 (0)10 20 92 600 or pmu@navingo.com.

October 30-November 5—SNAME Maritime Convention, Bellevue, Washington. 703-997-6701, aanderson@sname.org or www.sname.org/snameoldd/events-sname.

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