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2016: DEC

December 6-8—SonarWiz Annual Training, Seattle, Washington. 650-967-2045, officeadmin@chesapeaketech.com or www.chesapeaketech.com/newsandevents/events.php.

December 10-15—Our Coasts, Our Future, Our Choice, New Orleans, Louisiana. 206-624-9100, hpotts@estuaries.org or www.estuaries.org/Summit.

December 12-16—AGU Fall Meeting, San Francisco, California. meetinginfo@agu.org or http://events.jspargo.com/AGU16/Public/enter.aspx.


January 9-12—HYPACK Hydrographic Training Event, New Orleans, Louisiana. 860-635-1500, brittany@hypack.com or www.hypack.com.

January 12-13—IMarEST Ballast Water Technology Conference, London, England. +44 (0)20 7382 2656, Samantha.carter@imarest.org or www.imarest.org/events-courses/events-conferences/6th-imarest-ballast-water-technology-conference.

January 17-18—UDT Asia, Singapore. +44 (0)20 7384 7706, Ryan.Taylor@clarionevents.com or www.udt-asia.com.

January 24-26—Geodesign Summit, Redlands, California. 888-377-4576, Confregis@esri.com or www.esri.com/events/geodesign-summit.

January 25-26—Vessel Efficiency and Fuel Management Summit, London, England. +44 (0)203 141 0627, dpavlyk@acieu.co.uk or www.wplgroup.com/aci/event/vessel-efficiency-fuel-management-summit-europe.

January 31-February 2—Euromaritime, Paris, France. +33 (0)1 56 59 15 15, contact@euromaritime.fr or www.euromaritime.fr/en.

February 13-15—International Lidar Mapping Forum, Denver, Colorado. 207-842-5674, lmclaughlin@divcom.com or www.lidarmap.org.

February 14-16—Oceanology International, San Diego, California. jonathan.heastie@reedexpo.co.uk or www.oceanologyinternationalnorthamerica.com.

February 14-16—Technology, Systems and Ships; ASNE Day 2017, Arlington, Virginia. 703-836-6727, meetings@navalengineers.org or www.navalengineers.org/Symposia/TSS-2017.

February 21-23—Underwater Intervention, New Orleans, Louisiana. 703-259-6118 or www.underwaterintervention.com.

February 21-24—Underwater Technology, Busan, South Korea. +82-54-279-8869, UT2017Busan@gmail.com or UT2017Busan@gmail.com.

February 22-24—World Ocean Summit, Bali, Indonesia. 852 2585 3312, asiaevents@economist.com or econ.st/1Qxj2uB.

February 23—RenewableUK Wave and Tidal, London, England. Sarah.Harper@RenewableUK.com or http://events.renewableuk.com/events/wave-tidal-2017.

February 26-March 3—ASLO 2017 Aquatic Sciences Meeting, Honolulu, Hawaii. 254-399-9635, lesl@sgmeet.com or http://sgmeet.com/aslo/honolulu2017.

February 27-March 3—European Shipping Week, Brussels, Belgium. +44 1296 682356, smoloney@elabor8.co.uk or www.europeanshippingweek.com.

March 13-15—Brazilian Symposium on Water Waves, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. n_violante@oceanica.ufrj.br or www.atmosmarine.com/bsww2017/index.html.

March 20-23—U.S. HYDRO, Galveston, Texas. info@ushydro2017.com or www.ushydro2017.com.

March 27-31—Marine Energy Week, Bilbao, Spain. www.bilbaomarinenergy.com.

March 29-30—17th Ballast Water Management Conference, Miami, Florida. pbaziuk@acieu.net or http://www.wplgroup.com/aci/event/ballast-water-management-summit-usa/.

April 3-5—MCE Deepwater Development, Amsterdam, Netherlands. 832-248-7171, Elena.Parsons@questoffshore.com or http://mcedd.com.

April 4-6—Ocean Business, Southampton, England. +44(0) 1453 836363, info@oceanbusiness.com or www.oceanbusiness.com.

April 10-12—RECSO EnviroSpill, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. +44 203 463 1023, marco@bme-global.com or www.recsoenvirospill.com.

April 11-13—Oil and Gas Kenya, Nairobi, Kenya. www.expogr.com/kenyaoil.

April 26-27—Society of Maritime Industries Annual Conference, Dartmouth, England. events@maritimeindustries.org or www.maritimeindustries.org/SMI-Annual-Conference.

April 26-27—Society of Maritime Industries Annual Conference, Dartmouth, England. events@maritimeindustries.org or www.maritimeindustries.org/SMI-Annual-Conference.

April 26-28—Singapore Maritime Technology Conference and Exhibition, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. +65 6508 2401, register@ibcasia.com.sg or www.smtcsingapore.com.

May 1-4—Offshore Technology Conference, Houston, Texas. 972-952-9494, meetings@otcnet.org or http://2017.otcnet.org.

May 8-11—XPONENTIAL, Dallas, Texas. meetings@auvsi.org or www.xponential.org/xponential2017.

May 9-10—MARACOOS Annual Meeting, Annapolis, Maryland. 302-831-7553, mary@maracoos.org or http://maracoos.org.

May 9-11—Blue Vision Summit, Washington, D.C. info@bluefront.org or https://bluefront.org/projects/blue-vision-summit.

May 28-31—Oceans '18 MTS/IEEE Kobe, Kobe, Japan. info@oceans18mtsieeekobe.org or http://oceans18mtsieeekobe.org/.

May 30-June 1—UDT 2017, Bremen, Germany. +44 (0)20 7384 7706, Ryan.Taylor@clarionevents.com or www.udt-global.com.

May 30-June 2—Nor-Shipping, Oslo, Norway. +47 95 17 13 89, bml@messe.no or http://messe.no/en/nor-shipping.

June 6-8—Offshore Wind Energy, London, England. conference@offshorewind2017.com or http://offshorewind2017.com.

June 12-14—MAST Asia, Tokyo, Japan. +33 663 232 473, eike.eickhoff@mastconfex.org or https://mastconfex.com/asia2017.

June 13-15—Capitol Hill Ocean Week, Washington, D.C. info@marinesanctuary.org or www.marinesanctuary.org/chow.

June 19-22—CARIS 2017, Ottawa, Canada. 506-458-8533 or www.caris.com/caris2017.

July 20-21—Naval Future Force Science and Technology Expo, Washington, D.C. 703-696-5031, onrpublicaffairs@navy.mil or www.onr.navy.mil.

August 21-25—International Symposium on GIS/Spatial Analyses in Fishery and Aquatic Sciences, Hakodate, Japan. +81-49-242-9262, fish-gis@smile.odn.ne.jp or www.esl.co.jp/Sympo/7th/first_announcement.pdf.

August 27-September 2—European Wave and Tidal Energy Conference, Cork, Ireland. +44(0)2380 593940, info@ewtec.org or www.ewtec.org/conferences/ewtec-2017.

September 5-8—SPE Offshore Europe, Aberdeen, Scotland. +44 (0)20 8439 8890, oe@reedexpo.co.uk or www.offshore-europe.co.uk.

September 12-14—Offshore Site Investigation and Geotechnics, London, England. +44 (0) 1224 253813, richard.crighton@bigpartnership.co.uk or www.sut.org.

September 26-28—NMEA International Marine Electronics Conference and Expo, Bellevue, Washington. 410-975-9425, info@nmea.org or www.nmea.org.

October 10-11—Offshore Energy, Amsterdam, Netherlands. pmu@navingo.com or www.offshore-energy.biz.

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