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2017: JUNE | JULY | AUG | SEPT | OCT | NOV | DEC

June 27-30—HydroVision International, Denver, Colorado. 918-831-9560, andreah@pennwell.com or www.hydroevent.com.

June 27-30—MARELEC, Liverpool, England. +44 (0)1453 836363, carvonio@divcom.co.uk or www.marelec.co.uk.

July 4—Integrated Management of the Marine Environment, Southampton, England. http://bit.ly/2rmphub.

July 12-14—Offshore Energy and Storage Symposium, Woods Hole, Massachusetts. rupp@uwindsor.ca or www.osessociety.com/oses2017.

July 18-20—Symposium on the Impacts of an Ice-Diminishing Arctic on Naval and Maritime Operations, Washington, D.C. 703-525-0111, GEOSentio@gmail.com or www.star.nesdis.noaa.gov/Ice2017/index.php.

July 20-21—Naval Future Force Science and Technology (S&T) Expo, Washington, DC. 703-696-5031 onrpublicaffairs@navy.mil or https://www.onr.navy.mil/Conference-Event-ONR/2017-naval-expo.aspx.

August 14-16—Fleet Maintenance & Modernization Symposium, San Diego, California. 703-836-6727, meetings@navalengineers.org or www.navalengineers.org/Symposia/FMMS-2017.

August 16-18—Oil and Gas Tanzania, Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania. www.expogr.com/tanzania/oilgas.

August 21-25—International Symposium on GIS/Spatial Analyses in Fishery and Aquatic Sciences, Hakodate, Japan. +81-49-242-9262, fish-gis@smile.odn.ne.jp or www.esl.co.jp/Sympo/index.htm.

August 27-September 2—European Wave and Tidal Energy Conference, Cork, Ireland. +44(0)2380 593940, info@ewtec.org or www.ewtec.org/conferences/ewtec-2017.

September 5-7—Aquatech Mexico, Mexico City, Mexico. +31 (0)20-549 3019, a.koomen@rai.nl or www.aquatechtrade.com/en/mexico.

September 5-8—SPE Offshore Europe, Aberdeen, Scotland. +44 (0)20 8439 8890, oe@reedexpo.co.uk or www.offshore-europe.co.uk.

September 12-14—Offshore Site Investigation and Geotechnics, London, England. +44 (0) 1224 253813, richard.crighton@bigpartnership.co.uk or www.sut.org.

September 13—International Shipping Conference, London, England. +44 1296 682675, dmassey@elabor8.co.uk or http://bit.ly/2rmiMHu.

September 13-14—Ocean Renewable Energy Conference, Portland, Oregon. http://oregonwave.org/2017-conference.

September 18-21—OCEANS’17 MTS/IEEE Anchorage, Anchorage, Alaska. www.oceans17mtsieeeanchorage.org.

September 24-27—SEG 2017, Houston, Texas. 918-497-5500, members@seg.org or http://seg.org/Annual-Meeting-2017.

September 26-28—NMEA International Marine Electronics Conference and Expo, Bellevue, Washington. 410-975-9425, info@nmea.org or www.nmea.org.

September 27-29—FAST Conference, Nantes, France. hello@fast2017.com or http://fast2017.com.

October 4-6—NAVEGISTIC, Asunción, Paraguay. +595 991 166108, directorio@navegistic.com or http://navegistic.com.

October 10-11—Offshore Energy, Amsterdam, Netherlands. pmu@navingo.com or www.offshore-energy.biz.

October 10-12—SHIPPINGInsight Fleet Optimization Conference & Exhibition, Stamford, Connecticut. 757-451-0602, jrhodes@shippinginsight.com or www.shippinginsight.com.

October 15-18—Teledyne Marine Technology Workshop, San Diego, California. 508-539-6960, Margo.Newcombe@teledyne.com or www.teledynemarine.com.

October 23-28—SNAME Maritime Convention, Houston, Texas. 703-997-6705, aanderson@sname.org or www.sname.org/smc/home.

October 25-26—Ocean Energy Europe, Nantes, France. +32 (0)2 400 10 40, info@oceanenergyeurope.eu or www.oceanenergy-europe.eu/en/oee-2017.

October 31-November 3—Aquatech Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Netherlands. +31 (0)20-549 3019, a.koomen@rai.nl or www.aquatechtrade.com/Amsterdam.

November 3-5—International Underwater Intervention Conference and Exhibition, Xiamen, China. yangxi@valuedshow.com or www.underwaterexpo.cn

November 3-5—World Congress of Ocean, Shenzhen, China. +86-411-84575267, David@wcocon.com or www.bitcongress.com/wco2017.

November 5-9—Coastal and Estuarine Research Federation (CERF) Biennial Conference, Providence, Rhode Island. 206-209-5262, conference@erf.org or www.erf.org/cerf-2017-biennial-conference.

November 6-11—PLOCAN Glider School, Gran Canaria, Spain. +34 928 134 414, formacion@plocan.eu or www.gliderschool.eu.

November 7-10—Europort, Rotterdam, Netherlands. +31 10 293 31 21, m.zeedijk@ahoy.nl or www.europort.nl.

November 8-9—Marine Renewables Canada, Ottawa, Canada. 902-717-0716, amanda@marinerenewables.ca or www.marinerenewables.ca/marine-renewables-canada-2017-annual-conference.

November 12-16—International Water Conference, Orlando, Florida. 412-261-0710 or eswp@eswp.com.

November 14-16—Hydro17, Rotterdam, Netherlands. info@hydro17.com or https://hydro17.com.

November 16-18—Pacific Marine Expo, Seattle, Washington. 508-743-8566, info@pacificmarineexpo.com or www.pacificmarineexpo.com.

November 29-December 1—International WorkBoat Show, New Orleans, Louisiana. 800-454-3007, iwbsconf@divcom.com or www.workboatshow.com.

November 29-December 1—Sustainable Ocean Summit, Halifax, Canada. info@oceancouncil.org or www.oceancouncil.org.

December 4-6—EXPODEFENSA, Bogota, Colombia. +33 (0)1 44 14 64 82, d.roukoz@cogesevents.com or www.expodefensa.com.co.

December 5-7—CLEAN GULF, Houston, Texas. 713-343-1880 or jdean@accessintel.com.

December 12-14—IRANIMEX2017, Kish Island, Iran. +98 21 660 59 737, info@iranimex.ir or http://iranimex.ir.


January 25-26—Myanmar Oil & Gas Summit, Yangon, Myanmar. +852 3792 0940, laurabrown@myanmaroilsummit.com or www.myanmaroilsummit.com.

February 20-22—Underwater Intervention, New Orleans, Louisiana. 703-259-6118 or ui@naylor.com.

March 12-16—International Marine Debris Conference, San Diego, California. info@6IMDC.org or http://internationalmarinedebrisconference.org.

March 13-15—Interspill, London, England. +44 (0)333 4441890, info@interspill.org or www.interspillevent.com.

March 13-15—Oceanology International, London, England. +44 (0)20 8910 7007, maria.harper@reedexpo.co.uk or www.oceanologyinternational.com.

April 9-12—MTS Buoy Workshop, Ann Arbor, Michigan. 508-289-2456, jrizoli@whoi.edu or http://mailman.whoi.edu/mailman/listinfo/buoy-workshops.

May 15-17—Europort Romania, Constanta, Romania. +31 10 2933250, info@europort.nl or www.europort.nl/about-europort/europort-exports/europort-romania.

May 28-31—Oceans '18 MTS/IEEE Kobe, Kobe, Japan. info@oceans18mtsieeekobe.org or http://oceans18mtsieeekobe.org/.

December 8-13—National Summit on Coastal and Estuarine Restoration and Management, Long Beach, California. 703-524-0248 ext. 5, clewis@estuaries.org or https://estuaries.org/Summit.

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