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Undersea Defence Technology

Undersea Defence Technology (UDT), the world's principal underwater defense and security event, will be located this year at the ACC Liverpool in England from June 10 to 12 as part of the International Festival for Business.

Now in its 26th year, the event—which has traditionally brought together senior military officials, preeminent academics and key industry decision makers to focus upon innovative developments in the undersea sector—is set to welcome a significant number of new companies to the exhibition floor.

UDT 'is the seminal platform for the exchange of information between marine specialists, shipbuilders and other key stakeholders from across the supply chain,' said Robert van den Nieuwboer, the director of Holland Hydraulics (Hengelo, Netherlands).

His thoughts were echoed by Ludo Letourneur, sales manager at Bartington Instruments (Witney, England): 'Bartington Instruments regularly exhibits at UDT because the event gathers together the main players in the underwater defense market.'

Companies Attending
Aside from Holland Hydraulics—which will use their inaugural presence at UDT to publicize the unique qualities of the Lunac 2+—ASCA (France), Copper Alloys Ltd. (Burslem, England), Drumgrange (Chertsey, England) and FSSL Robotic Technologies (Leidschendam, Netherlands) will exhibit for the first time, alongside a number of other new exhibitors such as Analox (Stokesley, England), SEATECHRIM (Moscow, Russia) and Sensor Technology Ltd. (Collingwood, Canada).

They will join long-term supporters of the show, including, but not limited to, Babcock International Group (London, England), Bartington Instruments (Witney, England), Cassidian Optronics (Unterschleissheim, Germany), DCNS (Paris, France), EdgeTech (West Wareham, Massachusetts), INDAL Technologies (Mississauga, Canada), Kongsberg Defence Systems (Kongsberg, Norway) and Saab Bofors Dynamics (Karlskoga, Sweden). Consequently the exhibition floor will feature a comprehensive display of thought-leading concepts and innovative technologies.

ACSA will focus on the SeaExplorer UUV at the show; a truly innovative product which currently holds world records for endurance (60 days) and distance covered (1,200 kilometers) by a UUV powered by a single battery.

Meanwhile, Bartington Instruments will focus on Mag-13 Three-Axis Magnetic Field Sensors and the Mag657 Digital Three-Axis Fluxgate Magnetometer.

Copper Alloys will unveil its advanced range of wrought cupro-nickel alloys. The company will showcase its Elite Marine Alloys range, which offers a unique blend of outstanding resistance to seawater corrosion combined with a spectrum of unparalleled high-mechanical properties that satisfy a range of demanding applications. Relative to conventional corrosion-resistant material options, the Elite Marine Alloys range has displayed greater strength (by a factor of five), corrosive resistance (by a factor of 10) and ductility (by a factor of 12).

Drumgrange will exhibit the expertise, products and services that have underpinned its rise as an expert provider of electronic and software systems to the military, while EdgeTech will demonstrate recent advances within its smaller-sized AUV systems.

First-time exhibitor FSSL Robotic Technologies will introduce DeepWorks to the military community. A versatile simulation platform with a proven track record of reliability and effectiveness in the oil and gas sector, the DeepWorks simulator provides improvised planning, crew training and live visualization for submarine rescue operators.

Meanwhile INDAL Technologies will exhibit a number of unique surface and subsurface towed array and body handling systems that can operate at speeds in excess of 40 knots, tensions more than 250 tons and depths more than 20,000 feet. Recognized as an international supplier of hydrodynamic, acoustically transparent sonar domes and towed bodies, the company has specialized in cable handling systems designed to meet clients' bespoke requirements for more than 20 years. Each system is customized to meet the diverse weight, space and motion compensation challenges presented by individual ship configurations, and a number of these solutions will be present at UDT.

'I am delighted to welcome such an impressive array of new exhibitors to this year's event, and, as always, it is good to see such a committed contingent of companies who have traditionally supported the show,' said Event Director Anna Campagnoli.

'In conjunction with the exhibition, UDT's dedicated conference has historically provided the annual symposium for the undersea defense community,' she said. 'This year's overall conference theme of Autonomy has been specifically chosen to explore the advances in autonomous and semiautonomous operations of both manned submarines and unmanned platforms, reflecting the most recent technological developments to affect underwater operations and improve cost-effectiveness.'

Visit www.udt-global.com for more information.

Exhibitors List
The following list of exhibitors was updated as of press time:
  • ACSA - Alcen Group
  • Aish Technologies Ltd.
  • Ametek SCP Inc.
  • Analox Instruments Ltd.
  • Applied Acoustic Engineering Ltd.
  • Babcock International Group PLC
  • Bartington Instruments Ltd.
  • Blueprint Subsea
  • BMT Defence Services Ltd.
  • COFI
  • Copper Alloys Ltd.
  • DCNS
  • DGA
  • Drumgrange Ltd.
  • DSG Technology
  • DSIT Solutions Ltd.
  • EdgeTech
  • EvoLogics GmbH
  • Fugro
  • Hale Hamilton Valves Ltd.
  • Holland Composites BV
  • Holland Hydraulics B.V.
  • Indal Technologies Inc.
  • Kongsberg Defence Systems
  • Lockheed Martin Corp.
  • MacTaggart Scott and Co. Ltd.
  • MEDAV GmbH
  • MIKEL Inc.
  • Morgan Technical Ceramics
  • Norbit US Ltd.
  • QinetiQ
  • Rolls-Royce
  • Rotinor GmbH
  • RTsys
  • Saab Dynamics AB
  • SAB Georg Sch'nemann GmbH
  • SEA (Group) Ltd.
  • SeaBotix Inc.
  • SeeByte Ltd.
  • Sensor Technology Ltd.
  • Shipham Valves
  • Survitec Group
  • Systems Sunlight S.A.
  • Teledyne Gavia ehf
  • Teledyne RD Instruments
  • TODS Defence Ltd.
  • Trelleborg AEM
  • Truflo Marine Ltd.
  • Ultra Electronics Sonar Systems
  • Valeport Ltd.
  • VideoRay LLC

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