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Taking place June 10 to 12 in Providence/Warwick, Rhode Island, EnergyOcean International is an offshore renewable energy conference where industry experts will unite for a technical program that offers the latest in offshore ocean energy technological advances and updates on what is happening in the industry in general.

Delegates and exhibitors cite one of the top reasons to attend EnergyOcean International as the multiple opportunities available to network with professionals representing all segments of the industry.

Attendees include energy producers, utility companies, technology developers, component and system manufacturers, engineering firms, government officials, policymakers, investment firms, scientists, researchers, and academic and educational organizations.

General Sessions
The opening general session is 'Technology Roundtable: What's New for Ocean Energy.' Technology is the driving force behind offshore renewable energy development. This opening session for EnergyOcean International 2013 will focus on what technologies have the magic mix of feasibility, innovation and good financial sense.

The West Coast States Project Development session will look in depth at a series of West Coast projects. This session aims to identify trends in development, wins and losses for the region, and a snapshot of what is to come. Case studies that will be covered in this session include: 'Ocean Energy: Progress Towards Development in Oregon,' 'Offshore Wave Energy in California,' and 'Wave Energy Test Site at Kaneohe Bay-Hawaii.'

The National and Regional Ocean Policy Development session focuses on policy as the connection of advocacy, constituency and funding. This session will cull together key perspectives on how to be a better advocate, updates on established advocacy groups and planning for the future.

The East Coast States Project Development session will examine a series of East Coast projects. This session will identify trends in development, wins and losses for the region, and a snapshot of what is to come. Case studies that will be covered in this session include: 'Maine Ocean Energy Permitting Road Maps,' 'Energy Potential from the Gulf Stream for North Carolina,' 'Nova Scotia's Marine Renewable Energy Strategy,' 'Launching the U.S. Offshore Wind Industry,' and 'Ocean Energy Procurement and Financing.'

After two days of talking about projects in development and new technologies enabling growth, the focus will shift to financing and procurement strategies that will increase implementation of offshore renewables.

Environmental Effects of Ocean Energy
Understanding the environmental impact of ocean energy projects centers on research and monitoring behavior. The Environmental Effects of Ocean Energy session will cull together research from numerous labs to present findings in different regions, on varying species and with some promising results for future installations.

One of the speakers at EnergyOcean will be Ann Scarborough Bull, who is the chief of Environmental Sciences at the U.S. Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM). She will talk about 'Renewable Energy In Situ Power Cable Observation.' There are few data points available from observations of existing submarine power-transmission cables to understand and predict the level of impacts of electromagnetic fields (EMF) on marine species. Power cables (AC, 35 kilovolts), both in-use and out-of-service, that energize oil platforms offshore southern California provide a unique opportunity to assess potential behavior and reaction of electromagnetic sensitive species while controlling for habitat contributed by the cable structure. BOEM is funding field research, using scuba and a manned submersible, to investigate the strength, spatial extent and variability of EMF along both energized and unenergized cables, and to determine whether electrosensitive species respond to EMF from these power transmission cables. Bull will present results from the first year of the study.

Another speaker will be Suzanne MacDonald, the community energy director of Island Institute. She will talk about 'Broadening the Benefits of Ocean Energy: Case Studies in Innovative Local Investment and Engagement.' Thinking beyond the traditional definition of 'benefit' to include opportunities for public investment has helped ocean energy developers around the world to win local support and ease the regulatory process. For more than a decade, elements of community ownership in European projects such as Middelgrunden (a wind farm offshore Denmark) and Sams' (Denmark's renewable energy island) have helped governments to meet their deployment goals swiftly, while ensuring meaningful, active engagement of coastal residents. This presentation will highlight this and other examples, while discussing how an expanded definition of local benefit can provide developers, policymakers, regulators and residents with innovative strategies to help attain their goals.

In addition, Cliff McDougall, the director of renewables operations for Pharos Offshore Group Ltd. (Shotts, Scotland) will present on: 'Pharos Offshore Group Completes Diver-less Export Cable Repair for London Array.' Pharos Offshore Group successfully completed the cable repair and reburial for a section of damaged offshore wind farm subsea export cable, delivering a work package including the rapid mobilization of engineering, fabrication and operational teams to locate, recover, relay and rebury the power cable off the U.K. coast. This presentation will show how the equipment and procedures developed for this repair will work for other repair situations, especially those where increasingly congested cable corridors preclude anchoring and grapnel runs and/or are beyond diver limits.

Visit www.energyocean.com to register for EnergyOcean International 2013.

Exhibitors List
The following list of exhibitors was updated at press time:
  • AEWC Advanced Structures and Composites Center, University of Maine
  • Caldwell Marine International
  • Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
  • GICON - Gro'mann Ingenieur Consult GmbH
  • Kamatics MacArtney Inc.
  • MREC - Marine Renewable Energy Center
  • Rhode Island Economic Development Corp.
  • SeaView Systems Inc.
  • Soil Machine Dynamics Ltd.
  • TerraSond Ltd.
  • Thordon Bearings Inc.
  • Weeks Marine Inc.
  • Woods Hole Group Inc.

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