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OCEANS'12 MTS/IEEE Yeosu will take place May 21 to 24 at the Ocean Resort in Yeosu, South Korea. This year's theme is 'The Living Ocean and Coast—Diversity of Resources and Sustainable Activities.'

Approximately 600 professionals will attend this year, OCEANS organizers said. Exhibition opportunities are still available.

One of the conference's sponsors is Expo 2012 Yeosu, which will run from May 12 to August 12. Eleven million people are expected to participate in Expo 2012. Discounted tickets will be available at OCEANS'12 for those who would like to attend the Expo. An OCEANS'12 'Korea Night Gala Dinner' will take place at the Korean pavilion at Expo 2012 to demonstrate traditional Korean foods and culture to attendees.

OCEANS'12 is cosponsored by the Marine Technology Society. The participation of the society will provide an opportunity for industries to extend their business networks and share ideas and research. Additional conference cosponsors include the IEEE Oceanic Engineering Society and the Korean Association of Ocean Science and Technology Societies.

Last year, OCEANS'11 was held in Kona, Hawaii, attracting 1,000 participants from 30 countries.

Conference Topics
The general topics of the conference are underwater acoustics and associated processing; sonar signal and image processing and communication; ocean and coastal observing systems; platforms and instrumentation; remote sensing of air and ocean surfaces; ocean data visualization; modeling and information management; marine environment, oceanography and meteorology; optics, imaging, vision and electromagnetic systems; marine and coastal law, policy, management and education; naval architecture, offshore structures and technology; and ocean vehicles and floating structures.

OCEANS'12 will include a number of special topics, including marine environments and energy in East Asia; ocean energy and marine renewable energy; climate change and biodiversity; offshore CO2 capture and storage; coastal hazards and marine environmental protection; tsunami, oil spill and marine disasters; marine aquaculture; and marine biomimetics and robots.

Tutorial Program and Workshops
The conference will open with tutorials on signal waveform design for underwater acoustic communications; particle tracking models; technologies for monitoring marine organisms and hazards; the Stochastic Matched Filter and its applications to detection and denoising; and AUV technology and application basics. Two workshops by the East Asia Network for Marine Environments and the International Energy Agency-Ocean Energy Systems are also tentatively scheduled, as well as a presentation on governmental projects.

Student Poster Competition
OCEANS'12 will host a student poster competition. Students whose abstracts are selected for presentation will be provided with complimentary registration and accommodation.

More Information
For more information, visit www.oceans12mtsieeeyeosu.org.

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