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Ocean Business 2011
The third Ocean Business event will take place at the National Oceanography Centre in Southampton, England, from April 5 to 7.

Ocean Business, a biennial event that is free for attendees, began with a simple formula: deliver an event that successfully combines business with pleasure. Now in its third year, the event is firmly established in the ocean technology calendar. The conference incorporates an international exhibition with in-classroom and on-water training and demonstration sessions and an offshore survey conference held alongside.

This year's show sold out of exhibition space a year in advance and, despite adding another exhibition hall, is now close to selling out again. The number of visitors doubled between the first and second show, to 2,772 attendees representing 53 countries. Organizers are anticipating that attendance for the 2011 show will increase to 4,000.

Visitors will have an opportunity to meet with an extensive number of international companies on hand to display their equipment and capabilities. A number of companies from various countries will be represented at the exhibition, including exhibitors from Australia, Belgium, Canada, China, Denmark, France, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Ireland, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Live Demonstrations
Ocean Business provides exhibitors with the opportunity to demonstrate their equipment. Visitors have a chance to see these systems firsthand with on-water or in-classroom training and demonstration sessions.

Visitors to Ocean Business can choose between more than 170 hours of live demonstrations. Whether it is on a vessel, in the dockside waters, in the test tank or in one of the many classrooms, attendees can meet with suppliers, find out about the latest technologies and equipment, and—most importantly—test many of these systems. There is no charge for visitors to attend these workshops, and the full demonstration program is available online.

'We chose Ocean Business to launch our first live demonstrations and the impact was phenomenal,' said Jens Steenstrup, president of R2Sonic LLC. The company will again host a workshop for visitors interested in its Sonic 2024/2022 wideband multibeam echosounder systems.

Offshore Survey Conference
The Offshore Survey Conference will be held alongside Ocean Business. This two-day event runs from April 6 to 7 and historically attracts delegates from around the world. The program offers technical presentations from many of the world's leading technology and service companies in the fields of hydrographic survey and data management.

Organized by a partnership between TMS International and Intelligent Exhibitions Ltd, the Offshore Survey Conference is chaired by Alastair MacDonald, managing director of TMS International. MacDonald, formerly the managing director of Wimpol and commercial director of Racal Survey, has more than 30 years of experience in the offshore survey industry.

The conference will feature 21 speakers from the international oil majors, service organizations and product companies, who will be focusing on technology developments and business issues in the global field of offshore surveying.

While Ocean Business is free, attending the Offshore Survey conference costs £329.

Social Events
Exhibitors and delegates can enjoy an icebreaker reception, a wine-tasting evening and a gala dinner. Outside the convention area, attendees can benefit from conference discounts with local bars and restaurants.

Ocean Careers
Ocean Careers is held alongside Ocean Business and offers advice on career opportunities within the ocean technology, marine science and offshore industries. It is aimed at individuals interested in pursuing a career within the ocean industry.

Taking the current global economy into account, it is clearly becoming harder for many graduates, newly qualified engineers and the unemployed to find work.

More Information
For more information, contact Versha Carter at versha.carter@intelligentexhibitions.com.

Exhibitors List
The following list of exhibitors was updated as of press time:
  • '4H' JENA Engineering GmbH
  • 4D Nav LLC
  • A1 Marketing
  • Aanderaa Data Instruments A/S
  • AC-CESS Co. UK Ltd.
  • Airmar Technology Corp.
  • AK Industries
  • AK Precision Ltd.
  • Alba Ultrasound Ltd.
  • All Oceans Engineering Ltd.
  • AML Oceanographic
  • Applanix Corp.
  • Applied Acoustic Engineering Ltd.
  • Aquatec Group Ltd.
  • Ashtead Technology Ltd.
  • ASL Environmental Sciences Inc.
  • Association of Marine Scientific Industries
  • Atlantas Marine Ltd.
  • Atlantic Canada Pavilion
  • ATLAS Hydrographic GmbH
  • ATLAS Maridan Aps
  • Atlas Seistech Ltd.
  • Atlas Services Group
  • AXYS Technologies Inc.
  • Bennex
  • BioSonics Inc.
  • Bluefin Robotics Corp.
  • BlueView Technologies Inc.
  • Bowtech Products Ltd.
  • Brest Métropôle Océane
  • C & C Technologies UK Ltd.
  • C.R. Encapsulation Ltd.
  • Cadden
  • CDL
  • Cee Hydrosystems
  • Chelsea Technologies Group Ltd.
  • Chesapeake Technology Inc.
  • Christian Michelsen Research AS
  • CLS
  • C-MAX Ltd.
  • Coastline Surveys Ltd.
  • CodaOctopus Products Ltd.
  • Codar Ocean Sensors Ltd.
  • Concept Cables Ltd.
  • CONTROS Systems & Solutions GmbH
  • Cooper Interconnect
  • C-Products (Europe) Ltd.
  • CSIP Ltd.
  • C-Tecnics
  • Cygnus Instruments Ltd.
  • Datawell BV
  • Deep Ocean Engineering
  • DeepSea Power & Light Inc.
  • Del Norte Technology Ltd.
  • DOF Subsea ASA
  • Dutch Ocean Group
  • EdgeTech/ORE Offshore
  • EDS Ltd.
  • EGS (International) Ltd.
  • Eiva a/s/
  • Electronic Navigation Ltd.
  • emma technologies GmbH
  • EvoLogics GmbH
  • Falmat Inc.
  • Falmouth Scientific Inc.
  • Flotation Technologies Inc.
  • Fluid Imaging Technologies Inc.
  • Forsberg Services Ltd.
  • Forum Energy Technologies
  • Fugro Survey Ltd.
  • G.O.S.S. Consultants Ltd.
  • Gardline Marine Sciences Ltd.
  • General Oceanics Inc.
  • GeoAcoustics Ltd.
  • Geocap AS
  • Geomatrix Earth Science Ltd.
  • Geomotive Inc.
  • GeoPolaris S.r.l.
  • Global Dynamix Inc.
  • GO Science Ltd.
  • GRI Simulations Inc.
  • GSE Rentals Ltd.
  • G-Tec SA
  • GWP Protective
  • Hays Ships Ltd.
  • Helzel Messtechnik GmbH
  • HYDRO-BIOS Apparatebau GmbH
  • Hydro Group plc
  • Hydro International
  • Hydro Products Ltd.
  • Hydroid Inc.
  • Hydro-Lek Ltd.
  • HYPACK Inc.
  • Idronaut S.r.l.
  • Imagenex Technology Corp.
  • IMarEST
  • Indepth International Ltd.
  • INNOMAR Technologie GmbH
  • Innova AS
  • Innovative Technology Projects Ltd.
  • Innovatum Ltd.
  • Intermoor Marine Services Ltd.
  • International Marine Contractors Association
  • International Maritime Organization
  • International Ocean Systems
  • InterOcean Systems Inc.
  • iRobot Corp.
  • IVS 3D
  • IxSurvey Ltd.
  • Keller (UK) Ltd.
  • Knudsen Engineering Ltd.
  • Kongsberg Maritime Ltd.
  • L-3 Communications ELAC Nautik GmbH
  • L-3 Communications Klein Associates Inc.
  • Lidan Marine AB
  • Lighthouse R&D Enterprises Inc.
  • Linden Photonics Inc.
  • Liquid Robotics Inc.
  • Lockheed Martin MS2
  • M.K. Services Ltd.
  • MacArtney A/S
  • MaRE Trans Ltd.
  • Marine Electronics Ltd.
  • Marine Institute, University of Plymouth
  • Marine Magnetics Corp.
  • Marine Sampling Holland B.V.
  • Marine Technology Reporter
  • Mariscope Meerestechnik GmbH
  • Marlow Ropes Ltd.
  • Marport Canada Inc.
  • Masto Wire Service A/S
  • McLane Research Laboratories Inc.
  • Met Office
  • METOCEAN Data Systems
  • Mooring Systems Inc.
  • MSI
  • National Oceanography Centre
  • National Physical Laboratory
  • Nautikaris B.V.
  • Nautronix Plc
  • NCS Survey Ltd.
  • Neptune EHF
  • Nexans Norway AS
  • nke Instrumentation
  • No Limit Ships B.V.
  • Norbit Subsea
  • Norcom Technology Ltd.
  • Nortek UK
  • Oceanic Imaging Consultants Inc.
  • OceanServer Technology Inc.
  • Oceanology International
  • Oceanscience
  • OceanTools Ltd.
  • OCN BV
  • Ohmex Ltd.
  • OSIL
  • Pacific Crest Corp.
  • PanGeo Subsea Inc.
  • PDM Neptec Ltd.
  • Peli-Hardigg™
  • Planet Ocean Ltd.
  • Plymouth Marine Laboratory
  • PMI Industries Inc.
  • PML Applications Ltd.
  • Positioneering Ltd.
  • Presens AS
  • QPS BV
  • Quester Tangent Corp.
  • R2Sonic LLC
  • Radac BV
  • RBR Europe Ltd.
  • RESON Offshore Ltd.
  • Rockland Scientific International Inc.
  • Romica Engineering Ltd.
  • Rowe Technologies Inc.
  • RS Aqua Ltd.
  • Saab Seaeye Ltd.
  • Saderet Ltd.
  • SBG Systems S.A.S.
  • Scorpion Oceanics Ltd.
  • Sea & Sun Technology GmbH
  • Seabed B.V.
  • Sea-Bird Electronics Inc.
  • SeaBotix Inc.
  • SEACON (europe) Ltd.
  • SeaTech China Co. Ltd.
  • Seatronics Ltd.
  • Seaview Sensing Ltd.
  • SeeByte Ltd.
  • Selex Communications S.p.a.
  • Septentrio nv
  • Severn Marine Technologies LLC
  • Ship Motion Control SMC
  • Sidus Solutions LLC
  • S.I.G. France
  • Silicon Sensing Systems Ltd.
  • Skilltrade BV
  • Society for Underwater Technology
  • Sonar Equipment Services Ltd.
  • Sonardyne International Ltd.
  • Sonavision Ltd.
  • Specialist Subsea Services Ltd.
  • Star-Oddi HF subCtech GmbH
  • Submagnetix
  • Subsea Asset Location Technologies Ltd.
  • Subsea Supplies Ltd. Subspection Ltd.
  • Sun Star Electric LP
  • Swale Oceanographic
  • Swathe Services
  • Systea S.p.A.
  • TechWorks Marine Ltd.
  • Teledyne Benthos Inc.
  • Teledyne Gavia ehf
  • Teledyne Impulse
  • Teledyne Marine Group
  • Teledyne Odom Hydrographic Inc.
  • Teledyne RD Instruments Inc. Teledyne TSS Ltd.
  • Teledyne Webb Research
  • TGH (UK) Ltd. (Triton Group)
  • The Acclaimed Software Co.
  • The Hydrographic Society UK
  • The Oceanscience Group Ltd.
  • Titanium Engineers Inc.
  • Titanium Industries UK Ltd.
  • Topcon Europe
  • Trimble Navigation Ltd.
  • Tritech International Ltd.
  • Tritex NDT Ltd.
  • Turner Designs Inc.
  • UbiFrance
  • UTEC Survey Ltd.
  • Valeport Ltd.
  • Veripos Ltd.
  • Waveney Insurance Brokers (Commercial) Ltd.
  • WET Labs Inc.
  • WFS Energy & Environment
  • Wish Software Ltd.
  • Xsens Technologies B.V.
  • YSI Inc.

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