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Anti-Submarine Warfare 2010

On March 26, an explosion on the ROKS Cheonan, a Pohang-class corvette, ripped through the rear of the ship. The explosion broke the ship in two and killed 46 of its crew. An investigation concluded that the ship had been hit by a North Korean CHT-02D torpedo, strongly indicating the involvement of a North Korean submarine.

This incident has sent a ripple throughout the international anti-submarine warfare (ASW) community and has highlighted the need to maintain, improve and research ASW equipment, methods and training.

Along with the sinking of the Cheonan, more than 100 submarines have been purchased and ordered recently, including Vietnam purchasing Kilo-class hunter-killer diesel electric submarines from Russia.

In addition, recent operations in Sri Lanka uncovered evidence of the Tamil Tigers developing mini-submarines. Suddenly, nontraditional submarine navies are developing a capability to construct and operate an effective submarine force.

ASW 2010
Discussions about these recent events, along with presentations of new technology, strategies, methodologies and training, will be featured at this year's ASW 2010 conference, which takes place in London, England, on December 1 and 2. Organizers said the event will attract submarine and anti-submarine experts from around the globe.

National procurements agencies, research and development specialists, operational commanders, and concept and doctrine policy makers will spend the conference discussing, debating and helping to decide the future of ASW, according to conference organizers.

ASW 2010 organizers said they aim to bring home the truths behind current submarine threats, new user nations and their capabilities, and bring much-needed attention to the ASW environment.

Different members of the ASW community will be attending the conference, bringing together examples of best practices and allowing the supporting defense industry to provide more efficient and cost-effective equipment and services to the military, organizers said. About 200 delegates from more than 25 countries are expected to attend the summit.

Much of the time at the conference will be devoted to panel discussions and question-and-answer sessions, which organizers said will encourage an interactive summit where everyone is given the opportunity to be involved. This means that attendees will have ample time in which to closely question the speakers and other delegates, the organizers said.

Conference Schedule
Day 1 of the conference opens with a look into the current ASW situation, specifically the state of the underwater battlefield. Alongside a lessons-learned presentation covering the ASW 2009 event, organizers said the opening session promises to be one of the most important sessions this year for the naval community.

Under-ice operations have been growing in importance, organizers said, and the U.S. Navy's Arctic Submarine Laboratory will discuss the challenges associated with this environment, training methods and the strategic importance of under-ice operations in future conflicts.

Several briefs in the afternoon of Day 1 have been dedicated to presentations on cutting-edge technological programs, which organizers said will impact those locating and destroying future subsurface threats.

Conference organizers said they have invited some of the top industry solution providers to attend the conference and to provide briefings on some of their more advanced products, providing an opportunity to see what will soon become available to enhance current abilities.

Day 2 of the conference continues the theme from the first day, with presentations on weapon systems for aircraft, ships, submarines, unmanned vehicles, air-independent propulsion submarines, historical submarine use and affordability versus capability.

According to organizers, the presentations will provide detailed briefing on ASW platforms, in both their advantages and limitations. More importantly, the organizers said the presentations will broaden horizons for attendees, challenging past doctrine and possibly enabling development of new methodologies in the use of, for example, unmanned systems.

More Information
Organizers said that ASW 2010 will be the year's best opportunity to engage with and meet the world's leading defense and security organizations alongside the most innovative and groundbreaking industry partners that Europe has seen this year.

For more information, contact Richard Mathews at asw@clarionevents.com or visit www.anti-submarinewarfare.com.

Exhibitors List
The following list of exhibitors was updated as of press time:
  • DeepSiren Industry Team
  • DSG Technology
  • Rheinmetall Defence Electronics GmbH
  • Thales
  • Ultra Electronics

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