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Sea Tech Week 2010

Now in its seventh year, Sea Tech Week, the marine science and technology event, will take place from June 21 to 25 at Le Quartz Conference Centre in Brest, France. Organizers expect more than 1,000 professionals from the maritime world to attend this event, which is organized jointly with the technical professional society IEEE and the Oceanic Engineering Society.

Sea Tech Week provides a forum for multidisciplinary networking and discussion based on conference sessions and workshops that will cover operational oceanography, marine observation, maritime technology and imaging, the organizers said. For the first time, Sea Tech Week is featuring the Images and Oceans Conference and industry presentations.

Sea Tech Week is held every two years in Brest, a historic maritime city with a high concentration of maritime-related industrial activities, along with marine research, education and training. Brest has successfully exploited its strategic location on one of the busiest shipping routes in the world, where the Atlantic meets the English Channel, the organizers said. A leading center for oceanic research and development, Brest is developing world-renowned skills and expertise with 60 percent of French research in the sector and distinguished research centers such as Ifremer, they continued.

Brest features a bay well suited for water sports, two marinas that cater to sailing's greatest exploits and sailors, and France's foremost ship repair yard and largest naval base, the organizers said. Brest's ocean discovery park, Océanopolis, attracts 500,000 visitors a year, who come to see a scientific interpretation of the world's oceans, 1,000 species of marine animals in 50 aquariums and a program of exhibitions, films and shows, conference organizers said.

Technical Programs
Sea Tech Week offers a program of specialized conferences, workshops and training sessions drawn up in collaboration with scientific and industrial partners.

The Ocean and Coastal Observation Sensors and Systems (OCOSS 2010) conference will provide an update on recent technical and technological advances and future developments linked to littoral and ocean observation. Various sessions held over three days will scrutinize tools and practices in disciplines ranging from physical oceanography and marine geosciences to undersea robotics.

A session devoted to passive collection of measurements and data, which involves no active sensor transmission, will be highlighted during the OCOSS conference. These techniques are often used for covertly detecting objects and characterizing the ocean surface in areas where access is difficult, and the workshop will bring together international radar and sonar experts and the marine mammal research community, the organizers said.

A workshop on the quantitative monitoring of underwater environments, known as MOQESM, will examine the technological and scientific aspects of the latest methodological and technical advances relating to sensors (acoustic, optic, seismic, radar, etc.), infrastructures (autonomous or remotely operated platforms, sensor networks and communications) and information processing designed for quantitative monitoring of the undersea environment.

A European interregional cooperative project focusing on promoting knowledge transfer and innovation from publicly funded research, known as PROTTEC, is organizing two days of training on issues such as managing an innovative project and tools for safeguarding innovation, intellectual property rights and enterprise creation, the organizers said.

Europôle Mer is also organizing various workshops and presentations for its members on the progress of its work. Some of these sessions will be open to researchers interested in the topics involved.

The Images and Oceans Conference will provide an overview of the constraints and opportunities associated with image capture and processing in the marine environment and look at the use and evolution of high-definition and 3D video image production techniques, the organizers said. The conference will improve understanding, use and protection of the oceans and coastline among the scientific and technological communities and the public at large, and it will provide a forum for professionals to meet and exchange views and ideas, they said.

The industry presentations will provide a dedicated space to businesses and research labs looking to showcase their innovations, latest products and new services, the organizers continued. The themes selected for this year's presentations are linked to topical issues or conference subjects, namely marine renewable energy, new imaging technologies for marine research, marine observation, marine biotechnology, ships of the future, sustainable fishing and managing resources.

The plenary session will be introduced by a professional from the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission Ocean Observations and Services section of the U.N. Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization and by Herv' Jeanjean from the European Commission's Global Monitoring for Environment and Security. Hugh Griffiths, a professor from University College London, will also give a presentation.

At OCOSS 2010 and the Images and Oceans Conference, Kim Juniper of Canada's University of Victoria will give two different talks about the Northeast Pacific Time-Series Undersea Networked Experiments Canada.

Jean-Pierre Hermand, who is in charge of the Environmental Hydroacoustics Laboratory at Université Libre in Brussels, Belgium, will present his work on seagrass beds.

Professional Trade Fair
Sea Tech Week also includes a professional trade fair. An exhibition space at the heart of the conference provides a platform for the businesses and research labs shaping today's marine science and technology, and it also gives an opportunity for those working in the sector to network throughout the day and during scheduled breakout sessions, conference organizers said. During breaks, refreshments and light snacks will be provided within the exhibition space for those attending.
Tanguy Tower houses a museum tracing the history of Brest.
Social Events
Social events—key opportunities for networking—are an important part of Sea Tech Week, the organizers said. Three evening events are planned for the week: opening cocktails on Monday, an Images and Oceans evening on Tuesday and a gala on Wednesday. At Tuesday's Images and Oceans evening event, Philippe Ros, director of photography for the French documentary film Oceans, will give a talk about the making of the film. He will discuss his work in terms of its underwater technical aspects.

The gala evening will take place at the Château de Brest, a medieval ch'teau and the oldest historic monument in the city. The château offers uninterrupted views over the harbor and the Tour Tanguy and is home to the Musée National de la Marine, France's national naval museum, which can be toured during the gala evening.

For more information about the conference, please visit the event Web site at www.seatechweek-brest.org.
Ch'teau de Brest.
Exhibitors List
The following list of exhibitors was updated as of press time:

  • Acthyd Sas
  • Actimar
  • Alyotech
  • AnHydre
  • Blom ASA
  • Bretagne Valorisation
  • Cadden
  • ECA
  • Environmental Monitoring Systems Inc.
  • EurOceanique SA
  • Europôle Mer
  • FLOATEX S.r.l.
  • Hydro Group/Wenex Equipements SA
  • IEEE Oceanic Engineering Society
  • Ifremer
  • In Vivo
  • Ixsurvey Ltd.
  • Maritech
  • Mesuris'QPS
  • NKE Electronics
  • NortekMED
  • Pôle Mer Bretagne
  • PrimeGPS
  • RUCO Ltd.
  • Technitrade
  • Technopôle Brest-Iroise

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