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Featured Books—February 2014 Issue

Marine Conservation: Science, Policy, and Management

By G. Carleton Ray and Jerry McCormick-Ray

Paperback. 384 pp. Wiley-Blackwell. $68.11

Conservation should be seen as a whole-system approach informed by processes in the ecosystem, the history of organisms and scale-related linkages, according to this work. The book outlines ways to work toward marine conservation and conservation mechanisms. Marine Conservation can be used by students and conservation practitioners to incite critical thinking on the topic.

Explore the Pacific Islands National Marine Sanctuaries with Jean-Michel Cousteau

By Jean-Michel Cousteau, Sylvia Earle and Maia McGuire
Paperback. 208 pp. Ocean Publishing. $14.40

A guide to the 13 national marine sanctuaries and marine national monuments of the United States, Exploring the Pacific Islands National Marine Sanctuaries with Jean-Michel Cousteau offers descriptions, photographs and stories of the sanctuary system. It is based on Jean-Michel Cousteau: Ocean Adventures, the film series by Cousteau. The book looks into the health of the oceans and the steps that have been taken to preserve marine life. Sanctuaries featured in this edition include Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary, Fagatele Bay National Marine Sanctuary and Papahanaumokuakea National Marine Sanctuary.

Sea Floor Exploration: Scientific Adventures Diving into the Abyss

By Roger Hekinian
E-Book. 245 pp. Springer. $103.20

Taking the reader through 45 years of sea exploration, Sea Floor Exploration: Scientific Adventures Diving into the Abyss gives an overview of the composition of the rocks and volcanoes that line the seafloor. Part of nearly 40 sea-going expeditions, including the first trip to the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, the author describes scientific missions and their objectives. The book includes topics like fracture zones, intraplate volcanoes, rift zones that accompany the creation of the seafloor and subduction zones. Hydrothermal activity and metalliferous deposits are also discussed.

Essentials of Oceanography

By Tom S. Garrison
Paperback. 480 pp. Cengage Learning. $193.98

An introduction to the world of oceanography, Essentials of Oceanography discusses scientific questions and potential issues as a consequence of ocean use. The National Geographic Society helped to create this newest edition by making available some of their map collections, photos and graphics. The text outlines the important role oceans play in sustaining life on Earth. The author is a former professor of marine science at Orange Coast College, located in Costa Mesa, California, who also worked on the “Oceanus” television series.

Sea Technology is read worldwide in more than 110 countries by management, engineers, scientists and technical personnel working in industry, government and educational research institutions. Readers are involved with oceanographic research, fisheries management, offshore oil and gas exploration and production, undersea defense including antisubmarine warfare, ocean mining and commercial diving.