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Featured Books—April 2017 Issue

The Victory at Sea

By RAdm. William Sowden Sims, USN
Paperback. 482 pp. Naval Institute Press. $24.95

The commander of U.S. naval forces operating in European waters during World War I (WWI), Sims offers an authoritative account of the U.S. Navy’s role in the war. RAdm. Sims explains the significance of submarine warfare, and its role in the defeat of Germany. Admiral Sims was placed in charge of American naval forces in Europe for the duration of WWI. After being rebuffed by his superiors when he made suggestions for improvement in gunnery practice, he is reported to have gone over their heads and claimed directly to President Theodore Roosevelt that American gunnery was hopelessly inaccurate. Roosevelt called him back to become inspector of naval target practice. Admiral Sims served his country for 46 years.

The Japanese Navy in World War II Second Edition

Edited by David C. Evans
Paperback. 592 pp. Naval Institute Press. $34.95

First published in 1986 and lauded by historians and World War II buffs eager for the Japanese viewpoint, this collection of essays makes significant contributions to the field of World War II literature. In it, top-ranking Japanese officers offer their personal perspectives of the Pacific War. This second edition adds five articles to the original 12 to present a full picture of the Japanese Navy’s role in the war.

The U.S. Navy Against the Axis

By Vincent P. O’Hara
Paperback. 400 pp. Naval Institute Press. $24.95

This book tells the story of the U.S. Navy’s surface fleet in World War II with an emphasis on ship-to-ship combat. The book refutes the widely held notion that the attack on Pearl Harbor rendered battleships obsolete and that aviation and submarines dominated the Pacific War. It demonstrates how the surface fleet played a decisive role at critical junctures. It was crucial to America’s ultimate victory, and its story holds many lessons for today’s Navy and the nation.

A Tale of Two Navies

By Anthony R. Wells
Hardback. 264 pp. Naval Institute Press. $35.00

This book is an analysis of the unique relationship between the United States Navy and the Royal Navy from 1960 to present. This loosely chronological study examines the histories, strategies, operations, technology and intelligence activities of both navies. The special intelligence relationship is highlighted by unique knowledge and insights into the workings of U.S. and British intelligence. Bringing his extensive experience in both navies to bear, Wells provides a revealing look at the importance of naval thinking and how it impacts not only every level of naval activity, but also national defense.

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